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Posted Feb. 12, 2016

Balancing Commitments As A Busy LLM Student

When you’re halfway through your LLM course you'll realise that your pocket diary (or digital calendar) has never been so full of event reminders, to-do lists and appointments! It’s absolutely normal that this is the case so there’s no need to panic, instead make yourself feel like you are more in control than ever before! Honestly at this juncture of your LLM program, things couldn’t get more hectic, but hectic is good.

So what kind of commitments are we talking about here? For a typical full-time LLM student, these would include working on LLM essay submissions, attending lengthy course tutorials, a pub-hopping evening (which usually ruins a whole Saturday that you planned on using for dissertation research!), an occasional catch-up with a class colleague or attending events if you managed to make it in time to book free places on Eventbrite! Such is the life of a busy LLM student.

Now you wonder if it’s really possible to strike the right balance in managing all these commitments and actually crossing out all of them from your list. Let’s look at some ways in which you could balance your key commitments while being a very busy LLM student to ensure that you are living your best LLM student life


Often students are left thinking that everything they discuss with colleagues or professors is extremely important and needs to be done! Things can seem crucial but they could not always be useful to you. So make a weekly list of what needs to be done as a priority and sideline the things that can wait.


Who says LLM students don’t have a social life! LLM students thrive on social interaction so that they can go back to study with more energy, vigour and ideas! You can meet your fellow students/colleagues over dinner or meet a friend for coffee in the new organic deli. All these can be done if you slot them in between your classes/research.


For students living in residential accommodation, you may have time to hit the gym or a pilates class at least once a week. Those of you living far from your law school spending precious travel time on trains/buses may not have the similar luxury, but you could always fit in a morning jog into your schedule. Eating food at the right time and keeping yourself physically active can enhance your focus and allow you proper sleep times.


In a tightly packed LLM semester some students may choose to work in the evenings to be able to pay their rents or student loans while others may prefer to earn money by doing remote working. After all this you may well be left with less quality time on LLM research. Often students skip read for weekly seminars because they end up working late-night shifts. Try and keep the focus on your LLM and balance your work and study life carefully.

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