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Posted Feb. 23, 2016

Tips On Dealing With A Hectic LLM Semester

Enrolling into an LLM program seems very exciting to begin with… Lawyers may feel that this time can be a good break to getting back to student life but they will soon realise that LLM study comes with its own share of hard work – as well as fun.

Those wanting to research further into a specialist area of law will find it an ideal time to focus but are left wanting for more time on their courses. Either way an LLM semester can be very busy. Depending on how well you can organise your schedule it can also be as exciting as the way you want it to be!

Let us look at top 5 tips to deal with a hectic LLM semester and to make sure you get the right balance:


By now if you don’t have a proper scheduler listing out your to-dos for each day of your LLM course, then you probably have difficulty in remembering what you had planned for this weekend! If you have your day planned ahead of you, imagine how simple things would be and how much you can get done in a very short period of time! What’s important is that you stick to your list. 


If your head is heavy with an overload of information from hours of reading then it’s a good idea to go out and breathe some fresh air, take a walk in the park or hit the gym to feel rejuvenated! Countless cups of coffee or fizzy drinks aren’t the only solution. Try smoothies instead or just lots of water.


Since you probably have a lot of priority items to finish each day, plan your week ahead of time. On a Friday afternoon list your week’s schedule ahead when activities are still fresh from the past week. This means allocating the amount of time you need to spend in the library, prepping questions for tutorial sessions or meeting with your dissertation supervisor. If you have a weekly schedule planned ahead with all the crucial to-dos, you can then slot in time for other activities.


Get all the deadline dates beforehand so you are in a position to get started on assignments and essay submissions early on. One of the common practices is to attend training sessions provided by your college on writing essays and time management. This can help you in structuring your coursework and working around a lot of research material.


Initially this may not go down too well with students who are in the middle of finalising their course essays or trudging their way through dissertation. However a good stress-buster in between busy schedules is to participate in extra-curricular events such as joining the editorial board of your law school journal or a sport team, or simply volunteering to organise events and activities on campus. This could give you fresh perspective when you get back to research. As long as you don’t tire yourself out or reach an overkill of such activities, new pursuits can always be a welcome addition to liven up things around you.


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