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Posted Nov. 1, 2021

How can an LLM boost your career?

LLM career boostIn recent years, more and more people have been going back to university to study at postgraduate level and broaden their academic horizons.

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This has led to a rise in demand for LLMs and postgraduate degrees that focus on legal topics. If you’re thinking about going into law or want a career change, then an LLM may be right for you! So let’s take a look at nine reasons why an LLM degree could be just what you need to take your career to the next level.

1. Expand your legal knowledge

LLM programs are a great way to further your knowledge of the law without spending three years on your studies. Depending on which country you decide to study in, you may be able to specialise in a particular area that interests you, such as international trade, sports law or public health. You will also learn from lectures and tutorials with students who share your passion for the law.

2. Gain a competitive edge

If you're looking for an advantage in today's highly competitive job market, then an LLM can give you exactly what you need. Graduates from top universities typically have an easier and more successful time breaking into the legal profession, and many will go on to find work in prestigious law firms or corporations. The right degree can make it much easier to take the next step in your career, which is true in law.

3. Additional qualification on your CV

LLMs are a great way to gain an extra qualification on your CV without adding too much time to your working schedule. If you already have a first degree, then an LLM is a relatively quick and simple way to open up new career opportunities. An LLM is essentially another degree, and employers like to see that you are committed enough to do your course. Of course, the qualification will also demonstrate that you are passionate about the law if you choose an LLM in a specialised field

4. Gain international experience

An LLM gives you the chance to study abroad and gain valuable international work experience under your belt. Studying in a different country can be very helpful if you want to move up the career ladder or are particularly passionate about the law outside of your native country.

5. Rewarding course

Remember, if you have a passion for law and legal issues, this course will be rewarding no matter what. LLM courses provide students with the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about their chosen field as well as improving your chances of employment after graduation. If you're passionate about the law, then it's worth doing an LLM!

6. LLMs can lead to international job opportunities

LLMs are recognised worldwide, and this means that you can use your qualification in any country. If you plan on traveling abroad for work, then an LLM will be beneficial to you. Many graduates go on to work in prestigious law firms or corporations worldwide, and many of these companies actively look for applicants with LLM qualifications. Keep this in mind if you want to make the most of your postgraduate study.

7. Gain a better understanding of legal systems

It's essential to understand the legal field if you want to work in law or have any interaction with it at all. For this reason, it is a good idea to complete an LLM so that you gain a more comprehensive knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes. You should also gain valuable insight into legal terminology, which could come in useful if you want to work as a translator or offer other language services to law firms. An LLM is an excellent way to gain valuable knowledge about the law and a particular legal system.

8. Providing networking opportunities

LLM programs provide graduates with the chance to network and make contacts in a chosen area of law. This is particularly beneficial for people who want to go into business or start their own legal firm. Knowing people in your field can be crucial if you're looking to get ahead, build a reputation, and find work.

9. Gaining new communication skills

Successful lawyers need to have the ability to communicate well, and an LLM is a great way to improve your soft skills. You will learn how to write reports quickly and efficiently as well as improving your oral presentation skills. This can be a valuable tool in your career going forward, and it is one of the most popular reasons to get an LLM degree.


The study of law is a serious and challenging prospect, but it is certainly doable. All you need is enough time and motivation to learn about the legal system and complete an LLM course successfully. If you're committed to expanding your knowledge in this area, then an LLM might be for you. If you're looking for new career opportunities, then it can be an invaluable qualification, but you should consider your reasons before making the decision to study law.

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