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Posted Jan. 11, 2016

How To Make The Most Of Your LLM Tutorials

Your typical LLM course comprises of seminars, discussions and tutorial sessions during the most part of your LLM academic year. Tutorials however are dependent on the modules that you choose at the beginning of the year. While some modules may require that you take tutorial sessions in addition to your regular seminars, others may not have this requirement. This can be for several reasons, depending on the size of your class, the complexity or length of the module or the need for additional assistance in studying the module.


Some modules may require that you attend tutorials sessions. They would typically take place at the beginning of each semester. You should find out about the tutorial schedule in your first few seminars. So if you’re on an LLM program for a year, then depending on your module, you would have tutorial sessions at the beginning of each term in that year.


Tutorials are held outside your class/seminar timings. They will be convened by research assistants or junior lecturers under the guidance of professors who teach your module.  Some tutorials may be held just before the time you have your exams, so that you are given all the right assistance in preparing for your exams. These are also called as revision tutorials.  Tutorial sessions can be flexible depending on the number of students each session would need to accommodate. If you are made up of less number, you can ask your tutor for flexible times or opt for different venues to suit the group.

Here are some quick tips for you to make the most of your LLM tutorial sessions:

1. Improve on module preparation:

Whether it is preparing for written exams or writing an essay at the end of a module period, tutorials can be a great way to find out how you can prepare well for your assessments.

2. Refine your research skills:

You can take essential advice from tutors on developing your research skills. This can help you in not only improving on essays but also in preparing for your ultimate LLM assignment – your dissertation!

3. Preparing for seminars:

Tutorials are a great way to understand how to respond better to discussions in class or to prep for seminars. Some seminars may have lengthy reading lists and may require additional amount of time to be spent on research before attending class. You can ask your tutor on ways to approach your module better.

4. Interacting with tutors:

Tutorials are a great way to find out how tutors approach a particular topic. Remember, they are quite likely to be PhD students so they will totally relate to what you are going through! You have the chance to interact with them at a personal level and discuss specific problems in connection to your course. Be prepared to ask questions freely and to take notes.

5. Reviewing:

Depending on their time, tutors may help in reviewing your work or your research notes. However this would really depend on the college policy in terms of tutor assistance and the time that they are allotted in assisting you with queries.

In summary, tutorial sessions can help you as a good guidance in preparing for better course participation and giving you confidence in doing your assessments. At the same time they can equip you with skills that you may find beneficial as you reach the finishing line of your LLM studies.

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