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Posted Feb. 1, 2016

Insider Guide: What's It Like To Study An LLM Program Part Time?

With many LLM programs both part-time and full-time options are available. Academically the part-time option is just as rewarding as a full-time option, however part-time students can get to study whilst performing their jobs. It normally takes about two years for a part-time student to complete the entire program. Everything has its costs, so here are the costs of pursuing a part-time LLM degree.


The costs of studying a part-time Master of Laws will vary from place to place, so it depends on where your destination of study for the LLM course is going to be. There are various costs that you’ll need to consider, such as tuition fees, books, accommodation, food, travel, etc. The costs of these things tends to vary from place to place, but on average, the cost of tuition itself could range from £7,500-£15,000 (€10,000-€20,000) depending on the city and country that you wish to study in in Europe. In order to get the exact figures you can check on the website of your desired varsity as it’s difficult to ascertain an average because each area has different pricing and standard of living.

Part-time students get a bit of an advantage when it comes to tuition costs when compared to full-time students as they can usually spread the cost of the course over the two years. In addition to this many institutions will charge slightly less for a part-time student taking the course. As an added benefit, employers are often willing to pay for the expenses when studying for the program if it is of benefit to their employee’s career within their company.


A part-time LLM program is more flexible than a full-time program. Most students choose to do the program on a part-time basis because of work or another commitment. Studying the Master of Laws part time allows them to complete the program at their own pace and work at the same time to earn income and sometimes this can cover their costs related to the program.

Janet Duan, a student who pursued a part-time LLM says, “The timings are flexible, giving the students time to study as well as focus on other matters. The courses as well are practical and can be of benefit to the student anywhere in the world”.


There are some pros and cons of choosing to study an LLM program part time and they are as follows:

Pros of studying an LLM part time:

* The program is flexible

The universities that offer a part-time LLM usually accompany it with a flexible schedule. The students are still expected to attend seminars and complete a certain number of courses but the planning is made so that the program doesn’t get in the way of the students working schedule.

* It improves your employment prospects and salary

Future employees consider part-time students as people with good time management skills and commitment. This is because they need to balance different things such as work, family and school at the same time. In addition, the extra knowledge you gain will only work to your benefit when it comes to your salary.

* It acts as a form of practical experience

Most people who take a part-time course are usually employed, so they get to put what they learn in class into their job and hence gain even more experience. In addition, they get to link with like-minded people who can help them in their careers.

Cons of studying an LLM part time:

* Other commitments can get in the way

A part-time program is flexible but not easy. The program tends to be just as intense as any other program because of the amount of work and study you need to do. As a part-time student, your other commitments can get in the way of school.

* Funding can be difficult to obtain

Sometimes the employer doesn’t help or the student isn’t employed. In such a case funding can prove to be a heavy burden because not many people are willing to sponsor part-time students.

However all things considered if you have the self-discipline then studying an LLM part time is a great way to gain this prestigious qualification whilst continuing with other aspects of your life.


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