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Posted Sept. 2, 2016

5 Reasons To Study Your LLM Part Time

An LLM program can be studied in 3 different ways-

• Full time on campus       

• Part time on campus 

• Via distant learning

Part-time LLM programs usually offer flexibility to students who have other important commitments going on in the background that they cannot park aside for doing a full-time course.

You may decide to do a part time course if:

• You're working full time or part time

• You wish to gain specialist knowledge relevant to your workplace

• You're looking for more flexibility in study time and assessments

• You wish to dedicate more time on your subject of interest

• You don’t mind waiting for 2 years to complete your LLM degree!

Part-time study is also useful if you had other commitments to balance such as family and children to look after. After all you wouldn’t want the stress of having to cope with bulky reading when you would rather spend time putting your children to bed!

It is worth noting that part-time students may get some advantage over full-time students in funding their LLM and paying their tuition fees. Firstly, they can spread the cost over the 2-year academic period and secondly they can pay the tuition out of their income, which would not be as burdensome as having to pay it entirely in lump sum as a full-time student. You are advised though to check how each college applies rules on its tuition fee methods as they may be different and may offer varied levels of flexibility.

Let’s look at top 5 reasons why you would choose to do a part-time LLM degree


If you are a professional already having a full-time or part-time job, then the part-time LLM is aimed at people like you! You would of course attend the same set of modules as full-time students.


You can make better use of your time if you had a fewer set of modules to focus on during each semester. You can prioritise your study around work timings and dedicate weekends towards catching up on coursework. If you have family or children to look after, you can use the days on the week when you don’t have lectures towards your course work!


You can continue to work and gain an LLM degree at the end of 2 years either by using your past savings or supporting the on-going program through your income.


You have the flexibility to work out which modules you would want to take and to focus on those that interest you the most. Towards the end you would have gained a firm grip on topics that you are keen on pursuing further later on. You would also have developed a good understanding into your thesis topic.


One of the good things in doing a part-time LLM course is that since you would be based in the city where you live and work, you would ideally choose a place locally to study your LLM. This way you save up on lengthy commutes and can make use of library resources when you aren’t working.


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