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Posted Feb. 8, 2021

What is FinTech Law?

FinTech LawFinTech Law refers to the regulations and laws that cover all aspects of Financial Technology including investments, banking processes and new technologies.

FinTech Law

The term FinTech started being used in the 1990s, but it didn't become a term that many people had heard of until internet banking became the norm for most people. Only in recent years have LLM programs had specific courses or parts of modules that focus on FinTech Law. However, lawyers who work in FinTech Law will need an understanding of a variety of areas including Financial Law as well as Business Law and Corporate Law.

Can you study it as part of an LLM program?

Yes, there are many LLM programs that either have specific modules on FinTech, and there are some law schools that have institutes or research groups who are looking into the deeper legal implications of FinTech Law issues. Many LLM programs in Financial Law or Business or Corporate Law will have options to focus on FinTech Law.

What areas does it cover?

FinTech Law covers all aspects of online financial transactions. It can be as simple as the laws and regulations about the storing of customers data to internet banking processes. FinTech law also involves the wider issues of new online-only banks and the increasing popularity of crypto-currencies for payments or investments.

What law schools specialise in FinTech Law?

Several LLM programs focus on FinTech Law such as King's College London, Swansea University, London School of Economics and the University of Edinburgh. In the United States, Duke University, Columbia University and Berkeley Law School and New York University all offer programs in FinTech Law.

Why you should opt for this specialism?

FinTech Law is a huge and growing part of global economics and will only become more important as more people become comfortable with online investing, shopping and banking. Legal advisors for any business involved in any type of investments will need to know about FinTech Law, as will anyone who is involved in online investments or online banking.

What PG programs you can study in this field?

Lots of different programs involve an aspect of FinTech Law. Many MBA programs will have modules on FinTech Law and there are also masters programs available to study in this field, such as the MSc in FinTech and Policy at the University of Surrey or the Financial Technology MSc at the University of Glasgow.

Which careers does it advance?

FinTech Law is a great field to study to advance any career that is involved in business start-ups, financial institutions and investing or anyone who is advising those involved in these areas. Academics who are involved in researching the finance technological involvement of artificial intelligence or blockchain may also want to know more about FinTech Law.

FinTech Law tuition fees

This table illustrates the tuition fees you can expect to pay when undertaking a postgraduate FinTech Law program.

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