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Posted Jan. 25, 2021

What is an LLM in Dispute Resolution?

LLM in Dispute ResolutionAn LLM in Dispute Resolution is a great choice because it is an interesting field of study that can lead to plenty of employmnet opportunities.

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It is also a useful specialism, as most law firms will require lawyers who focus on this aspect of the law. So let’s take a look at what it actually is.

What is Dispute Resolution?

Dispute Resolution is a popular and cost-effective option to solve all sorts of disagreements and legal problems. Dispute Resolution can also be called Alternative Dispute Resolution or Appropriate Dispute Resolution, particularly in the US. There are many areas of conflict within the law that use Dispute Resolution including consumer, business, employee, family, environmental, housing, personal injury and neighbour legal issues.

What modules does an LLM in Dispute Resolution include?

Modules on LLM programs in Dispute Resolution will include topics such as Perspectives on Peace, Conflicts and Disputes, Foreign Direct Investment Arbitration, International Investment Arbitration, Negotiation Theory and Practice, International Commercial Arbitration Theory and Doctrine, Mediation Theory and Practice, International Energy Disputes, Transnational Human Rights Litigation, Civil Dispute Resolution Options, and High-Value Litigation in London. Law schools have large networks within their local law community and modules will reflect the needs of the local economy. Areas with a large Energy Industry, for example, will have modules on energy arbitration and areas with high land values will have modules on land valuation arbitration.

Where can you study an LLM in Dispute Resolution?

There are lots of options of law school to choose from to study an LLM in Dispute Resolution, including several choices if you want to study online. Many LLM programs in Corporate Law or General LLM programs involve modules on Dispute Resolution, but there are plenty of LLM programs that concentrate on Dispute Resolution alone. Some courses in the UK are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, but not all of them, so it is a good idea to check if this is a necessary element for you. On-campus LLM programs in the UK with full- and part-time study options include the University of Westminster, Queen Mary University of London, City University of London and King's College London. There are also some prestigious US law schools offering LLMs in Dispute Resolution, including Pepperdine University, while Harvard University boasts an Alternative Dispute Resolution skills clinic. Online courses also available at several law schools including the University of Missouri, the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University ­– and these tend to be part time.

Why should you study an LLM in Dispute Resolution?

Dispute Resolution tends to offer a cheaper and faster solution for people with legal problems. This means that lawyers that are in demand to work within Dispute Resolution and many of them specialise only on this form of legal practice. In the United States it is a hugely popular form of practice and it offers great opportunities to work with and help many different types of people and organisations to solve their legal problems.

What are the tuition fees for LLMs in Dispute Resolutions?

This table illustrates the tuition fees you can expect to pay to study an LLM in Dispute Resolution in the UK and the USA.

LLM in Dispute Resolution
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