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Posted Jan. 18, 2021

What is an LLM in Employment Law?

LLM in Employment LawEmployment Law is an interesting area of study.

LLM in Employment Law

However, it tends to be region- or country-specific, so it is best to study a program that is based in the region or country that you wish to practice and live in once you have completed your studies.

What is an LLM in Employment Law?

An LLM in Employment Law is the highly specialised study of the areas of the law that impact on employees. These are diverse fields, encompassing discrimination law, maternity and paternity leave, harassment law and the regulations governing official whistleblowing. Specialists in Employment Law help companies to avoid employment disputes and trade union strike action, along with assisting in the transferring of employees during the sale of a business to ensure their terms and conditions do not change.

What modules are covered?

The modules that LLM students can expect to study on an LLM in Employment Law can include:

  • Equality at Work
  • International Labour Law
  • Human Rights
  • Trade Union Law
  • Termination of Employment
  • Individual Dispute Resolution
  • Labour Market Institutions
  • Employment Dynamics
  • Individual Employment Law
  • Civil Liberties in the Workplace

Law schools also offer law clinics to help employees who may be involved in a dispute with their employers, and this gives law students the chance to gain valuable legal experience.

Where can you study Employment Law?

Most law schools with General LLM programs will offer a module on Employment Law, however, if you wish to study Employment Law in depth there are a range of law schools to choose from. In the UK there are several online or distance learning options, such as the programs at the University of Leicester and De Montfort University. On-campus options include the University of Bristol and Ulster University. In the Netherlands, Tilburg University offers an LLM in Labour Law and Employment Relations in English as does the University of Minnesota and the University of San Diego in the US. In Australia, the University of Sydney offers an LLM in Labour Law and Relations.

Why should you study it?

Employment Law specialists are always in demand for companies and organisations who want to ensure that they and their employees are following the necessary laws and regulations. Some employees need helping if they have a dispute with their employer or employers who need assistance with contracts and adjusting terms and conditions. Lawyers interested in this area could work for regulatory bodies in employee Health and Safety Law and ensure that workers are paid mandatory minimum wages. Employment Law is a great area of the law to specialise in as companies will always require specialist lawyers to advise them.

What about the tuition fees?

This table illustrates the tuition fees you can expect to pay when studying an LLM in Employment Law at various universities worldwide.

LLM in Employment Law

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