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Posted July 19, 2021

Why should you study an LLM as an international student?

International LLM studentAfter completing your first degree in law, you may be interested in studying for a Masters in Law (LLM).

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If studying an LLM is of interest to you you’ll have various choices to make, for example, factors like how to fund your studies, what to specialise in and perhaps most importantly whether to study locally, nationally or as an international student.

Nowadays, many legal professionals decide to pursue an LLM abroad to experience new cultures and gain global credibility. There is also an added advantage of enhanced employability because you will have developed your skills by specialising in an area of law. So let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you should consider studying an LLM as an international student and what the benefits are of studying an LLM overseas.

1. If you want to practice law in a specific country

If there is a foreign country that you wish to relocate to after finishing your studies, studying at one of the top universities in that country can be an ideal starting point to realising your dream. Getting a student visa can often be an easier process than moving to look for a job, plus the networking opportunities you get as a student increases the chances of finding job offers once you finish your studies – in fact some students may find that they also get employed by the companies where they did their internships. Additionally, most law firms favour candidates with knowledge of local laws, which you’re much more likely to have if you have studied and gained work experience in that particular country.

2. Networking opportunities

Studying your LLM overseas comes with the opportunity of networking events with companies and law firms. These events will give you a practical insight into law matters and you may also find they lead to an opportunity to get a job or internship offer if you are looking to stay in that country after completing your studies. The social networks you make with other students while studying is also important as you can make friends with whom you will share ideas in the future. Some might even become your partners if you decide to start a consultancy business.

3. Develop new skills

One major benefit of proceeding to the masters level is the enhanced insight into practical skills. For example, LLM students frequently join law clinics, which provide fieldwork combined with some academic course components. Students in these clinics are required to solve real-life problems using the knowledge they have acquired. The externship programs offered by some law schools are also a great opportunity to improve your skills. Externships are internships used to validate students’ credits in a semester. Students are required to work in a court, companies or law firms to learn more about law issues in real life. These skills will prepare you for your future career and the bar exam, whether you wish to take it abroad or in your home country.

4. Hone skills in another language

Studying as an international student will also help you improve your language skills. According to Keith W Brooks – Teaching English As A Second Language (TESOL) expert – it is easier to learn a new language when you live with people speaking that language. For example, an international student from a country where English is not the first language can improve their English speaking skills ten fold by studying in an English-speaking country. Studying an LLM abroad will also help you improve your ability to adapt to new cultures and environments as the new ways of living will challenge you. You will also explore and learn more about your chosen country.

5. Specialise

Studying LLM overseas is a perfect opportunity to widen your knowledge by specialising in a particular area of the law. Joining a prestigious overseas university allows you to discover new specialisations that may not be available in your home country.  You’ll find you benefit from the numerous law seminars, which will deepen your knowledge of specific law issues.

6. Upgrade your CV

A Master of Laws degree should be a priority if you want to upgrade to the international level. Nowadays, an LLM degree is a requirement for working at global companies and law firms. Since law differs from one country to another, it is advisable to obtain an additional diploma recognised in the country you wish to work in. Graduating with masters of law degree will also make your CV outstanding, especially if it is from a prestigious university. Most international students choose top British and American universities because they are highly rated. While this should not be the reason why you decide to study your LLM as an international student, it should be something that you should keep in mind when making your decision.

7. You will be better in business

If you plan to apply your knowledge in law in a career in business, studying law abroad can give you an edge in the dynamic world market. The modern-day economy is becoming increasingly global, thus requiring some experience in various markets. People who have been to different countries can quickly identify opportunities in the market.

University application statistics

This table shows the number of applications to study law in UK and overseas universities, together with the percentage of successful applications.

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