Career options for lawyers

Law graduate jobs in the UK, USA and worldwide are extensive, and include Chancery Barristers, Corporate Lawyers and Property Law experts.

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Chancery barristers deal with litigation before tribunals ranging from the District Judge in a County Court to the House of Lords, as well as in many foreign jurisdictions. They also draft a wide variety of commercial and property documentation. Modern chancery work is split into two areas – traditional and commercial chancery.



Commercial chambers barristers work in areas including:

Arbitration; Commercial property transactions; Commodity transactions; Company work; Insolvency; Insurance and reinsurance; Oil and gas/energy law; and Professional negligence.




Corporate Law facilitates an enhanced appreciation of what makes markets ’tick’ and provides a sound grasp of the range of commercial solutions available to small, medium and global businesses. 




Criminal lawyers act in cases involving any form of criminal activity, for example violence, fraud or sexual offences. Many cases get local and national media interest.


Employment law can be divided broadly into contentious and non-contentious areas. Contentious work includes dealing with Employment Tribunal claims and negotiating settlements. Non-contentious matters include advising on employment aspects of company sales, Private Finance Initiative work, handling redundancies and employment contracts. 


Environmental law is a complex and specialised area, involving the anticipation, interpretation and application of the rapidly evolving environmental regime in the UK, Europe and internationally. The growth in environmental legislation is stimulated by public concern and a socially conscious European Union, particularly on climate change, waste and contamination, which are fast becoming key areas.


Family law covers domestic violence, divorce, child law and financial settlement. A growing area in this legal sector is the breakdown of relationships between unmarried individuals, also known as cohabitation. Child law can be broken down further into areas covering residence, parental contact and surrogacy issues. 



Intellectual property (IP) law is a diverse and interesting area of law that is both nationally and internationally important. There are different forms of intellectual property rights that arise under IP law for the protection of inventions, products, trade marks, creative works and designs. For example, there is the ever-increasing area of law involving the use of trade marks and copyright on the Internet.



Media law is a diverse area that covers everything from television, music, theatre, radio, print media, multimedia, advertising and more.



The UK property industry is the most sophisticated in the world. Clients expect complex advice from their lawyers and it's not just about buying and selling property. 



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