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Online LLM Tuition Fees

Online LLM tuition feesStudying a Master of Laws program is an increasingly popular option, especially since the coronavirus pandemic. It’s fair to say that some costs are lower for online LLM courses than for on-campus Master of Laws programs and funding online part-time courses may be more achievable, however be aware that the tuition fees are no longer necessarily less than an equivalent on-campus course. Costs for online LLM courses vary widely between different law schools and different countries. Studying an online course based abroad might be a great way to reduce tuition fees, but you may have additional costs. Tuition fees in the US are often considered higher than in other countries, but many of their law schools are very prestigious with excellent worldwide reputations. This means that they could be considered a great investment in your future and career.

Can you pay in instalments?

Law schools offer their LLM students different payment plans and many law school's payments plans are based on the local funding options. Some law schools will require students to pay a portion of the tuition fees on acceptance of a place on the LLM course. Most law schools have this information displayed clearly on their website – such as New York University – so reading properly through all the relevant information should be part of your research before you apply. You should expect to pay the majority of your tuition fees before you start the online LLM course, but some law schools allow students to pay by the term or even by the course credit when studying part time.


Are there any hidden costs?

Legal textbooks can be expensive, however, if you are studying an LLM you are probably already aware of this. For online LLM courses, there are costs such as printing materials and taking time away from paid employment or taking holiday days to study. If you need to sit exams, then you might have travel expenses either to the campus or other facility to sit the exam.

Can you study at a more prestigious law school for less money?

Just because you are studying online it doesn’t necessarily meant that you can study at a more prestigious law school for less money. In fact, many law schools charge similar or even identical tuition fees for online or on-campus LLM courses, although some law schools do charge less for their online courses for international students. However, it's always worth researching that perfect LLM course at a world-class institution, for example at the University of Edinburgh, the online LLM programs tuition fees are about £21,900 for all students, but the on-campus LLM program costs £13,000 for UK and EU students and £22,850 for international students. This means online study is financially advantageous for international non-EU LLM students, but not quite so financially beneficial for UK-based students.

Online LLM funding

Many countries, including the UK, do not differentiate between on-campus and online learning when it comes to funding. This means if the course is full-time or a qualifying part-time LLM course, then you might be able to access government-backed loans. Alternatively, there are often scholarships and bursaries available to many students studying online and it is worthwhile checking even if you're based abroad. For example, LLM students who have an excellent academic record and are in certain countries can apply for significant bursaries for the online LLM courses at the University of London. Online study is often conducted part-time and this is the advantage as you may find you can afford the fees by working alongside your studies or even that your employer is willing to fund or part-fund your studies.

Online LLM tuition fees

This table illustrates the tuition fees you can expect to pay to study an online LLM program at universities around the world.

Online LLM Tuition Fees


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