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Global and US LLMstudy Bursary Winners 2016

Every year two lucky Master of Laws win one of our Global and US LLMstudy Bursaries worth £500 each. Here you can read about our 2016 bursary winners, find out what and where they are studying their LLM programs, and how winning one of our £500 LLMstudy Bursaries will help them with their studies.

Emily Littlehales, LLM International Law & International Relations, University of Bristol

Bursary Winner EmilyUniversity of Bristol“I am so thankful and feel determined to truly make it count.”

Emily Littlehales is a 27-year-old British student studying an LLM in International Law & International Relations at the University of Bristol.

Emily was delighted when she found out that she had been awarded one of our LLM Global & US Study Bursaries worth £500, explaining, “I was shocked and amazed, and full of gratitude. I couldn’t help but share the news with my classmates. It means so much to me, especially as fees can be like a heavy and distracting burden during studies. I am so thankful and feel determined to truly make it count.”  

She chose to study her LLM in International Law & International Relations because of its “interdisciplinary approach to global politics in an increasingly interconnected, globalised world”, and so far she is delighted with her choice of course. She explains, “As I hadn't studied Law at undergraduate level, I was thrilled that this law-based course accepted non-law graduates. I am loving the course so far – I had no idea just how much I would enjoy it.”

Emily opted to study her Master of Laws program at the University of Bristol because this is where she studied her undergraduate degree, she enthuses, “I love how progressive and inclusive the university is, and how so many of the professors are currently engaged in innovative research. It’s a brilliant university and really reflects the city of Bristol which I love for its culture, music, art, history, community-vibe and countryside.”

Emily finds our website to be a very useful tool, saying, “I really like the website and believe it is very helpful. I didn't know what an LLM was before I began my applications, and have found it to be a perfect fit for me. is a great place of information and advice for potential postgraduate students.”

To date Emily's academic path has been mostly influenced by volunteer experiences she has had in developing countries, she explains, “I have learned so much from cultures so different from my own, and hope that I might be able to make a positive contribution in the international development and human rights fields.”

We think that studying an LLM in International Law & International Relations is a brilliant first step towards achieving this ambition, and are really glad we have been able to help Emily fund her postgraduate studies. 

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Roseanne Wallbank, LLM Innovation, Technology and the Law, University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Law SchoolEdinburgh Law School“I was delighted and very thankful!”

Roseanne Wallbank is a 22-year-old British student studying an LLM in Innovation, Technology and the Law at the University of Edinburgh.

She chose to specialise in this area of law after attending a talk as an undergrad law student about technology law. She says, “It is such an important area of law that needs more attention, because technology is having such a deep influence on the everyday life of the majority of the population, presenting new risks and opportunities worldwide.””

Roseanne was delighted when she found out that she’d been awarded one of our LLM Global & US Study Bursaries worth £500 towards her tuition fees. She found out about our bursaries through our website, a site which she feels is an invaluable resource, explaining, “It should be the go-to place for any student considering masters studies in law.”

Roseanne is really enjoying her Master of Laws program to date, enthusing, “I am especially loving learning the technicalities of how robots work and applying the law to this. Being in a position to have really in depth conversations and debates about how this technology has the power to influence every aspect of life, and how we ought to respond to it, is extremely interesting.”

Roseanne chose to study at Edinburgh Law School because she has always wanted to live in Edinburgh and has not been disappointed with her choice, saying, “Edinburgh is a fantastic university with a great culture and student life.” And as for her chosen course, “The course is completely unique and in line with my specialist interests!”

Once she has graduated from her Master of Laws program Roseanne wants to practice in London, and she is well set up for this having completed her undergrad program at LSE.

However she is very much enjoying her current location, saying, “I much prefer the calmer feel of Edinburgh. I love the fact that you can travel for ten minutes and be deep in the countryside, go a little further and you can climb endless munros. Scotland in general is a beautiful country.” 

We hope Roseanne continues to enjoy her studies in Scotland and then achieves her dream of practicing law in London.

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