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Global LLM Study Bursaries 2018

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Zahra Omar, LLM in International Law, University of Bristol

Bristol Law SchoolBursary Winner Zahra“As an international student you truly appreciate any sort of financial assistance in the pursuit of completing your postgraduate degree”

21-year-old Zahra Omar has come to the UK from Kenya to study her LLM in International Law at the University of Bristol.

Zahra was delighted when she discovered that she was one of the lucky recipients of a Global LLM Study Bursary worth £500. She explains, “I woke up in the morning with Postgrad Solutions informing me of the exciting news – I couldn’t be happier. As an international student you truly appreciate any sort of financial assistance in the pursuit of completing your postgraduate degree. Not only does it aid in the cultivation of future career prospects, it is also such a great honour to be selected amongst thousands of other students!

Zahra initially chose Bristol law School for her undergraduate law studies because of its excellent reputation worldwide and she hasn’t been disappointed. She enthuses, “Bristol Law School fosters independent learning, providing a platform to exercise academic abilities to great lengths, taught by internationally renowned academics.
Aside from its academic reputation there is such a great diversity of people, places, endless opportunities and societies that could cater for every person’s interests.” 

During the final year of her undergraduate studies Zahra worked for the University of Bristol Law Clinic and this gave her great insight into the areas of law she wants to pursue in the future. She explains, “Having worked for the University of Bristol Law Clinic during my final year, I have been exposed to the ethical and human dimensions of the law, applying my knowledge to aptly service my clients. Consequently, my conviction to help the most vulnerable in society has sharpened and intensified.” This work at the Bristol Law Clinic really helped to develop her legal interests and encourage her to study her LLM in International Law at Bristol Law School once she had finished her undergraduate law degree.

Thus far, Zahra is really enjoying her LLM program, describing it as being “intellectually stimulating, challenging and captivating”. One of her biggest highlights to date is working in the Human Rights Implementation Centre, where she has been assigned to be a researcher on a project working with the ‘Libyan Lawyers for Justice’ group. She was increasingly drawn to international and human rights law as an undergraduate law student, so this LLM program was a natural progression. She says,  “Delving deeper into the lucrative field of human rights during my LLM this year, I am developing a more integrative, analytical and multi-sided study of human rights, and my previous exposure to the law clinic, and skills learned as a result has paved the way to put action into this growing passion.”

Zahra is as happy with her choice of city as she as she is with her choice of LLM program, She enthuses, “Bristol is home to a vibrant intellectual community, there is so much creativity and colour everywhere you go, there is something for everyone! I appreciate the nuances of the beautiful city, it encompasses an edgy yet vibrant atmosphere and I have met some of the most wonderful people during my time here.” She is also a fan of the website describing it is a very useful tool for prospective LLM students. She says, “The website is extremely informative, and thus very helpful to prospective LLM students. It is sometimes difficult to decide exactly where you want to go or what you want to study, but the website assists you in every aspect.”  

Looking to the future, Zahra says, “As I begin my legal career, clinical experience of legal research and practical engagement has expanded my horizon of social justice and formed part of my upwards career trajectory of dedicating my career to the pursuit of human rights.”

We think Zahra’s future career plans sound incredibly rewarding and worthwhile, and we wish her all the best with her legal future, and we’re glad we were able to play our part in helping to get her started on her chosen career path.

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Harpreet Ahuja, LLM, UCLA School of Law

Bursary Winner HarpreetUCLA School of Law“I feel very grateful to have been selected for this prestigious award.” 

Harpreet Ahuja, 31, is a Canadian student pursuing an LLM program at UCLA School of Law.

She was both delighted and relieved when she discovered that she was a winner of one of our Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries worth £500. She says, “It was a complete relief. Tuition is incredibly expensive in the United States and so this award provides some much-needed financial relief. I feel very grateful to have been selected for this prestigious award.” 

Harpreet used and to help her choose her LLM program, and would strongly advise other potential Master of Laws students to do the same. She says, “It is an incredibly useful tool. I used the website when I was researching LLM programs. It provided useful tips and perspectives that I otherwise would not have had access to.” 

Following her research on UCLA School of Law became the obvious choice for Harpreet. In fact, the Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies contacted Harpreet personally and met her in Toronto because she was so adamant that UCLA School of Law was the right place for Harpreet to continue her studies. And she was right.

Because of her background, Harpreet was keen to study a Master of Laws program with a focus on International Law, and the LLM on offer at UCLA School of Law is ideal. Harpreet’s father is an immigrant to Canada from India and her mother is Indigenous Canadian. This background has resulted in Harpreet gravitating towards issues that these communities face in her studies. She explains, “My personal background is fundamentally connected to my career path. I have a bachelors degree in History and Anthropology, a masters degree in Sociology and a Juris Doctor degree.” And now she is adding an LLM to her qualifications. She explains, “I wanted to further my knowledge of penal systems and prisoners’ rights with an international and Indigenous lens. I believe there can be alternative solutions to the detention and incarceration of asylum-seekers, refugees and Indigenous peoples that is both effective and humane and coincides with rehabilitation and reintegration.”

So far Harpreet is really enjoying her LLM program at UCLA, particularly the Immigration Law course that she is currently studying. The Master of Laws program offers many practical opportunities such as court and detention facility visits – giving the students the perfect combination of academic and practical perspectives.

Describing her experiences studying at UCLA so far, Harpreet says, “I love how there are so many ways to connect with community at UCLA School of Law. I am a representative for the Native American Law Student Association at UCLA School of Law and I extern for Human Rights First in downtown Los Angeles, where I work in refugee representation.” 

Good luck with your research and your LLM studies Harpreet!

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