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Jan. 21, 2021

UNH Franklin Pierce LLM graduates achieve career success despite Covid-19

UNH Franklin PierceLLM graduates at University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law are achieving career success despite the devastating effect that the Coronavirus Pandemic is having on employment opportunities.

UNH Franklin Pierce has earned an international reputation as a leader in Intellectual Property Law, attracting talented students through its exceptional coursework and the support and networking resources it provides. And these resources and networking provisions have enabled international students to continue to thrive even in the Covid-19 era of employment.

Three recent international LLM graduates – Danielle Alroy, Sommer Blackman and Vinicius Silva Damasceno – have gone onto forge successful careers in the field of IP law.

Danielle Alroy came to UNH from Israel to study an LLM in Intellectual Property, she explains, “I wanted to learn from the best in the profession about IP. An LLM is extra education for an attorney, and I wanted to specialise in the field that I was most interested in.” Danielle started searching for a job in January 2020, but as she explains “Then Covid-19 hit and no one was hiring for a while. I knew I wanted to stay in the US and find a job in Connecticut. I started to call every law firm in the greater Hartford area, asking them if they are hiring. One said yes and called me for an interview.” The rest is history, as Danielle now works at a law firm in Veron, Connecticut as an attorney and says of her new role, “I’m practicing a range of civil and commercial matters, including intellectual property.”

Sommer Blackman also graduated with an LLM in Intellectual Property in 2020, choosing Franklin Pierce for her studies because she was impressed by the professors’ IP scholarship, as well as the small class sizes. Sommer – who studied her LLB at Cardiff University – was the first LLM student to join Franklin Pierce’s law journal, IDEA, as an editor. “This experience improved my writing and critical thinking skills as well as increased the breadth of my knowledge in IP topics,” she explains. “It also highlighted my ability to multi-task and served as an example of my leadership skills.” Sommer found work in the United States soon after graduation. “During the school year, I networked with several lawyers,” she says. After graduation, Sommer moved to New York to continue her networking efforts and soon secured an Associate position at a New York law firm, where she practices entertainment, trademark and copyright law – exactly what she studied at UNH Franklin Pierce.

Last, but not least, Vinicus Silva Damasceno graduated with an LLM in Commerce and Technology Law in 2020. Vini wanted to build a career in commercial and business law, with a focus on new technologies, explaining, “UNH has always been on the edge of innovation, so their LLM program in Commerce and Technology Law was perfect for my goal.” This LLM gave Vini the opportunity to work closely with professors who are experts in their fields, he says, “The professors also helped me prepare for heavily tested areas in the Bar Exam, thereby helping me to prepare myself to become a US attorney as the next step of my career.” After graduation, Vini secured a position as a Law Clerk at Celedon Law, a law firm in Massachusetts. “Finding a job after graduation is not easy, but it is possible,” he said. “To help me fulfill my goal, I tried to establish a network with many legal professionals that provided helpful information, especially in applying for the right positions and in the proper way. I also had fantastic help from some UNH professors, who provided me with excellent advice in approaching the companies and networking.”

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Content added on 21st January 2021.

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