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Posted Jan. 6, 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Start An LLM Program In 2017

New year new you LLMWhy not make 2017 a year of growth and development by taking the decision to complete an LLM program? Studying an LLM has many benefits and will be of real use for your future legal career. If you need a few reasons to convince you to make the leap, then here we go with five good ones.

1. Improve your academic record

Did you not do as well as you might have hoped in your first degree? Or did you not attend the institution of your dreams the first time around. If you didn’t do as well as expected in your undergraduate degree, or even if you did better, you have the chance to improve your reputation with an excellent LLM from an outstanding institution. This makes first impressions of your CV all the better. A great CV makes getting your foot in the door all the easier. A Master of Laws won't change your previous academic record as most chambers and employers will be looking for consistent academic success, but it will show off what you can do.

2. Career development

Specialising early on in your legal career will help you stand out from the crowd. Maybe you have been practising as a lawyer for a few years and you have developed a real interest in a particular field. An LLM is a wonderful way to show off your expertise and develop them further. 2017 might be the year for you to start an LLM as a first degree isn't always enough to show off your talents.

3. Networking potential

Expanding your network to include another round of lecturers and professors as well as your fellow students will only help you in your career path. Keeping track of all the people you meet along the way is a great way to search for the next opportunity. Networking benefits you throughout your career and if you are just starting out you will need all the help you can get.

4. Take advantage of current funding opportunities

The landscape for funding, especially in the UK, is constantly changing. Current offers by the government in the UK might not be available in coming years due to political change including Brexit. 2017 might be the best chance of funding or tuition fees remaining as they are. It could be time to take the plunge while you know what's going on.

5. Explore the world of academia

An LLM is an excellent first step towards a PhD in the legal field. Teaching and academia are popular careers, but the institution you study at is vital to your future. A PhD will make you an expert in your area of law as you will have made an original academic contribution to complete your PhD. If you are thinking about a PhD, then starting with an LLM will remind you of all the reasons you love to research and learn.

In conclusion…

Now you have some good reasons to start an LLM in 2017 you need to check you are prepared for an LLM and start thinking about where to study. Choosing where to study should be carefully considered as it can have a huge impact on your future career.

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