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Posted April 3, 2018

6 Reasons To Study an LLM in International Law

LLM in International LawOnce you've entered legal practice – or maybe before – you might want to specialise further by studying an LLM program.

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An LLM in International Law will lead to varied career that can have an international base. By understanding the complex relationships that govern international institutions, as well as the treaties that guide trade and the movement of people around the world, you will gain the skills and expertise to work with some the highest profile companies and organisations in the world.

Here are six great reasons to study an LLM in International Law.

Provides an international career

Many of us dream of a globe trotting career, and focussing on International Law will give you the opportunity to study and work around the world. By studying abroad you'll be able to grow your network of contacts, and by studying and working in a different legal system you will get a unique insight into the legal structure at home. An LLM in International Law will allow you to work for National Governments, International Corporations, international NGOS and in the Armed Services, as well as many other interesting and exciting places. 

Helps with International Law issues

The truth is that most practicing lawyers will come in contact with the legal structures of other countries and international treaties during their work. Global treaties cover large areas of the law including areas such as lost luggage with airlines and compensation for flight delays and cancellations. Many lawyers will face legal issues that transcend national borders, and your understanding of international structures will impact the advice you can offer. 

Gives understanding of global legal systems

By studying International Law you will gain an understanding of the international legal structures that govern a great deal of trade and the monitoring conflict. Understanding how international courts make decisions and how institutions such as the EU and the UN operate will give you an advantage to the advice you can offer international companies. Working effectively and successfully with international charities and NGOs is really only possible with a good understanding of International Law. 

Leads to contact with experienced International Law professors

The majority of international law professors will have had a long careers practicing in International Law and will be able to offer practical advice throughout your LLM course. Most International Law Departments will offer advice and assistance to organisations around the world. These global connections will provide you with a valuable network of alumni and people who will be able to help give your career a boost. 

Invaluable for those interested in international business

If you work or wish to work in any form of business or trade, then an understanding of International Law is vital. There are complex and varied treaties governing international trade and the complex Tax Law that is associated with them. Those students who wish to work with an international corporation, or those who already do, need this understanding – and by studying an LLM in International Law you will have a definite advantage.

Can help you provide advice & help to those most in need 

Studying an LLM in International Law will allow you to work to help some of the world's neediest and most vulnerable people. By studying International Law you can help those who are affected by international conflict, are refugees or are involved in human trafficking. The chance to help people in need with real advice is only possible if you have the right knowledge in the first place. This will lead to a fantastically rewarding career.

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