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Posted July 16, 2018

6 Reasons To Study An LLM In Constitutional Law

LLM Blog in Constitutional LawStudying any LLM will provide you with a great chance for networking and to grow your transferable skills that will help any future legal career, no matter the subject of your LLM.

LLM in Constitutional Law

Studying an LLM in Constitutional Law will help you understand how the country your studying in has developed in the past and what future changes might be necessary to keep the institutions of the government working efficiently together. 

Here are six great reasons why you should opt to study an LLM in Constitutional Law.

Develop an understanding of the connections between government institutions

It depends on where your future plans lie, but if you think you might want to be involved in any part of the government in your home country or internationally, then an LLM in Constitutional Law might be for you. Gaining a deep and thorough understanding of how the different parts of the government are supposed to work together will assist you in a career in any part of the government. 

Understand the foundations of a nation’s legal framework

It depends on the country that you are studying in as some countries, such as the United States, have a written constitutions detailing how laws are made. Other countries, such as the UK, don't have a written constitution but instead have a long tradition of how laws are created and past. Constitutional Law involves the study of the system of how laws are made and the country that you study it in doesn't need to have a written constitution for you to specifically study. 

Study international concepts of human rights and the rights of children

Many concepts, such as human rights and the rights of children, that now have international recognition with the UN started as parts of different nations constitutions. Understanding these concepts, how they started and how they have developed can lead you to an exciting career working for international organisations and national governments. Some LLMs in Constitutional Law, such as the one at Birkbeck, University of London have an international focus and these courses will help you understand the complex issues surrounding financial systems, nations and war and how these impact on the reforms that the public wants and needs. 

Gain an understanding of future changes 

Understanding the history of Constitutional Law in any country will help you to understand possible future paths. If you can successfully predict the changes that will be necessary for the future, then you might have a future advising others on what changes might happen. 

Great for networking

Life as an LLM student will present you with an excellent opportunity for some serious career development and networking. Developing those connections with your tutors, during any work experiences and with your fellow students might just lead to that perfect first job after you've completed your LLM. 

Transferable skills

t's not just the upgraded study skills that you will gain by undertaking an LLM, it's also the legal report writing and using evidence to come to a conclusion. You'll also know how well you work under pressure and gain useful communication skills that will assist you throughout your career even if you don't work as a lawyer.

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