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Posted June 4, 2018

6 Reasons To Study An LLM In Immigration Law

Reasons to study an LLM in Immigration LawPeople, businesses and organisations around the globe require assistance with Immigration Law.

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Studying an LLM in Immigration Law will prepare you to help some of the world's neediest people who are escaping violence, international corporations who are moving staff around the world and governments trying to asses the impact that changes to Immigration Law will have.

An LLM year is a big undertaking and it can be stressful intense year of work, but you will gain a wealth of new contacts and skills. Here are six great reasons why you should choose this specialism.

 Get a career helping the world's neediest people

A rewarding and challenging career could be ahead of you if you undertake an LLM in Immigration Law. Many immigrants are leaving their homes because of violence and these people require substantial assistance when claiming asylum. Other people are travelling for economic needs and these people require help completing the forms and interviews that are needed to claim residency and work visas. 

 Understand the global factors of immigration

Gaining an excellent understanding of the global factors and impacts of immigration will improve your ability to advise and help. The laws and treaties governing Immigration Law impact on the way people move around the world and where they head to. This combined with social pressures, economic pressures and the pressures of war and the threat of violence produce different patterns of global immigration at different times.

  Improve your critical thinking skills

Critical thinking is an excellent skill to have as a practising lawyer as you have to be able to think quickly when assessing legal documents. Being able to connect different pieces of information together efficiently will make you a valuable employee in any law firm. 

 Work for a wide range of organisations

A huge range of organisations require advice about Immigration Law, it's not just individuals looking to settle down in a new country. International charities and businesses require assistance in moving their employees around the globe. Governments and international governmental organisations require assistance in producing advice on Immigration Law and assessing the impacts of changes they are planning on making to Immigration Law. 

 Gain understanding of this complex area

The changing nature of Immigration Law can catch those unaware and place them in a difficult position when they are trying to straighten out their affairs. Subtle changes can have an impact on spouses moving to be together and those who are trying to hire employees from abroad. These small changes affect a huge number of people and they require lawyers who can keep on top of the ever-changing and increasingly complex area of the law. 

 Take advantage of law school connections for work experience

Undertaking an LLM in Immigration Law will give you access to your Law School's professor's and tutor's substantial professional links. Many of your professors will of started their careers advising on Immigration Law and will probably continue to offer advice to governments and NGOs while they are still teaching. These links can form the beginning of your own network of contacts that will provide you with your work placements and ultimately a job after you have graduated.

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