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Posted June 26, 2017

7 Reasons To Study An LLM Program

7 Reasons To Study An LLMThere are plenty of reasons to study a Master of Laws – here are our top 7:

1. Sitting The Bar Exam

Should you want to become a barrister, there are some attorneys that use an LLM as a requirement to sit their country's bar exam. While this is not universally the case it is a good way of increasing your opportunities and your employability. It can particularly help if you are a foreign student wishing to sit the exam in the US, as some states will accept a foreign degree in law when coupled with an American LLM.

2. To Specialise In A Particular Field

When you were studying an undergraduate law degree a particular area may have caught your eye. An LLM can allow you to take your passion and dive into this field. For example you may wish to study taxation law in more detail and there are many LLM programs allowing you to do just that.

3. Travel Opportunities

Studying an LLM can provide you with a great opportunity to live and study in another country. It will serve the dual purpose of broadening your horizons while helping you master another language. This is particularly useful if you are an international student looking to study in the US and the UK. Since English is growing increasingly popular across the world there is no better way to gain a mastery of it than studying your LLM in an English speaking country.

4. For A Change in Career

It is possible to study an LLM even without an existing law degree. Changing career this way could be the perfect fresh start. Law is already one of the most well respected professions in the world and it may just be the right one for you too.

5. Increase Your Salary

Let's be honest, we would all love an increase in our salary. Specialists have always commanded better pay, and this is particularly true for law. So not only does an LLM allow you to spend more time in a field of law you actively enjoy, the chances are you’ll be paid more to do so.

6. Upgrade Your University

When trying to take the next step in your career the prestige of your university can do a lot to carry you forwards. By getting an LLM you can essentially jump up a few levels if it comes from a sufficiently prestigious institute. It would look great to any prospective employer if you could tell them you had a degree from Harvard or Oxford Universities.

7. Increase Your Employability

This point has been alluded to several times, but it is worth saying plainly, if you have an LLM you are simply more employable than if you do not. These days there is a lot of completion in the job market and you need every competitive edge you can get in order to stand out, and an LLM is a great way to do this. Not only will you look better to prospective employers, but also there will be more employers available to you and some great career options.

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