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Posted Oct. 18, 2018

How To Find Your Dream LLM Student Accommodation

Find your dream accommodationYour academic success relies on a peaceful home life. You need to feel comfortable in your surroundings in order to work well and there is more than one option for perfect student accommodation as an LLM student.

Most LLM students pick between renting from a professional student accommodation provider – like Fresh Student Living, their law school's halls of residence, or from a private landlord.

Here are a few tips for what to look out for in your accommodation for your LLM year and to help you avoid housing disaster

Agree things in advance 

Fresh Student LivingIf you're sharing a student flat, then the best way to get on with other people is to make sure you have everything outlined and agreed in advance to avoid any unnecessary disputes. This is kept simple with accommodation providers Fresh Student Living as everyone pays all the bills and deposits directly to Fresh Student Living, and it is all agreed in advance before you all move in. University provided halls of residences will give you a similar option to this, but you might not be able to rent as a group of pre-existing friends – which is an option provided by Fresh Student Living. If you rent privately you'll need to agree to it all yourselves. 

Organise cleaning 

There is nothing worse than living somewhere that isn't as clean as you'd like it to be, and if you're busy with your LLM coursework the state of your living accommodation will impact on your ability to relax and stay focussed on your work. If you've decided to rent privately in a house share, then it doesn't matter how you arrange the cleaning, if it's by rota or by getting a professional in, it will help you keep a happy home and you'll find advice on cleaning in all sorts of places. Keeping your home clean inside and out will keep your neighbours happy. Fresh Student Living and other university halls of residences provide cleaning services for all bedrooms and communal areas, allowing you the time to concentrate on your studies. 

Arrange to settle in 

Being able to book everything in advance and check it out online will save you time and help you to conserve your energy once your LLM program starts. Bring along a few bits to make your room feel like your own and arrange for other items to be delivered on the day you move in. An excellent advantage of choosing Fresh Student Living is that they offer an online service to deliver all the little extra bits that make a house a home on the day you move in. If you're travelling far from home to study, then you can do this all online in advance and you'll start settling in right away. If you've rented a private room or flatshare, or are planning on living in university halls of residence, make sure you give yourself a little extra time before your course starts to unpack properly and do any necessary cleaning or decorating. 

Pick a landlord you can trust 

For those LLM students who are moving to a new town or city it's a good idea to pick a landlord you can immediately trust. That might mean choosing accommodation provided by your law school or from a professional student accommodation provider or from a private landlord you know or is recommended to you by your university. Knowing that your landlord isn't trying to keep deposits and has their own code of conduct will keep you calm during your hectic LLM year.

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