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Posted Dec. 9, 2018

How To Prepare For Your Law School Open Day

Law School Open DayAttending open days before joining a university for your postgraduate law studies is important.

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A law school open day will give you the chance to learn about the university and understand how studying and living there will feel. You will have the chance to see the facilities that the school provides and to interact with other students who also hope to join the school for their postgraduate law studies. Universities often host their open days early into their academic year, so if you’re interested in a particular law school you should start going to their open days as soon as possible.

Here are some tips to help you make your postgraduate law school open day successful.

1. Plan your travel

Ensure that you have a reliable way to get to the university. If you plan on driving, find out if there will be parking and whether or not it is free or do you need a pocketful of change? Additionally, try to take the safest route to the university.

2. Make a checklist of things to see and ask

It is possible to forget about some important things that you wanted to find out at the open day if you are not properly prepared. Research the school's facilities, the surrounding area, and anything else you deem relevant. If you have any questions, write them down to ask the university staff. Also make a checklist of facilities that are important to you to ensure that you get to see all of them when you visit the university.

3. Dress appropriately

An open day is not an interview so you do not have to dress in formal, instead dress in a comfortable and respectful way. Your postgraduate open day is likely to involve a lot of walking so your shoes should be flat and well fitting. Ensure that your clothing is appropriate for the weather.

4. Get help

Ask a friend, family member or someone you trust to accompany you to the open day. It’s always great to get a second perspective and they may help you to identify aspects of the university facilities, environment, and social areas that you would not be able to identify by yourself. Ask the person ahead of time to ensure that they also have time to prepare.

5. Arrive on time

Make sure you arrive for your open day in plenty of time. It’s better to be too early than too late, and if you arrive before it starts you can take the time to explore the surrounding area. If you arrive late you will spend the whole day playing catch up and may miss out on some valuable information.

6. Make contacts in advance

If you can, contact the school's members of staff and current law postgraduate students on social media before your open day and ask them some questions. Current students and alumni of the law school will be able to give you an unbiased view of the campus and the law school. By contacting them you can find out the challenges faced by students and ways to overcome them. Speaking to current students will also give you a sense of the university’s overall vibe, and you may be able to gauge the amount of support you will receive.

7. Sign up for relevant talks

Book any talks and activities you are interested in before the open day as this will help you plan your schedule during the event. Sometimes spaces are limited in various talks, and if you do not save a seat, you may find the session fully booked, which is why it’s a good idea to pre-book.

In conclusion

There are plenty of things to do on your open day, not least of all the tour, which will give you the chance to see the school's facilities and its environment. The most important things to focus on include the postgraduate law department itself, lecture rooms, social areas, the library, meal facilities, and the outdoor space. If you have any questions, ask the tutors, current students, and the law school's members of staff, as that’s what they’re there for. And once you’re back home, write up you notes and consolidate all the information that you have gleaned, so you can make full evaluations of the different law schools that you’re considering and ultimately choose the right one for you.

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