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Posted May 18, 2020

How can you choose your LLM student home online?

Find your student home onlineSearching for accommodation for the next academic year can be difficult and stressful at the best of times, but add into that the current problem of lockdown and social distancing and it can feel even more unmanageable as you're currently not able to check out a potential student home in person.

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But try not to worry about doing this as there are ways to find your perfect LLM student home online.

Accommodation providers are already set up for this

Fresh Student livingThere are plenty of private accommodation providers who are ready for LLM students to search and book for their accommodation online. Companies like Fresh Student Living have all the information you need online already so it is easy to reasearch your accommodation options and find your dream LLM student home. Their online information includes online tours of their flats, rooms, public areas and campus commuting advice. Fresh Student Living will let you book your accommodation online and can also arrange things that you may need on the day you move in to your LLM student home, as well as having other vital information – such as contract details – all available on the company's website in advance. Find out more.

Your law school will have lots of information

The law school you’ve chosen to study your LLM at will also be prepared for many of their students to need to search for accommodation without visiting the actual properties. The reality is lots of students have to do this every year anyway – for example international students – so the law school or university will already be set up to assist their new students with arranging accommodation from a distance every year. However be aware that this year will probably have the biggest number of new students needing help, as their accommodation search will be impacted by the pandemic. As soon as you know where you are heading for your LLM studies, get in touch with the law school or university's accommodation office and ask for help. They will have details of all of their accommodation options on their website already with additional information like photos of rooms and what facilities there are.

Get in touch with former or current students

Social media is an amazing tool and we are all getting in touch with each other through social media more than ever before, so use this to help you search for accommodation. Find out what students currently living or who have lived in your potential student home think about it. Do the current LLM students on your course have any advice about where is a handy area for a full-time LLM student to live? The law school will probably have volunteer students available during the application process and you could get back in touch with the law school to see if anyone is available now or at least read what they have to say.

Estate agents & professional rental companies

Estate agents or rental agents will still be doing businesses and trying to work online as much as they can. Contact any company that is recommended to you and try to get as much information about a potential student house before you sign any paperwork. Your university or law school will provide information about local safety regulations and checking this information against what you are given by the landlord will give you some peace of mind. Ideally speak with the current tenants, if you can, or ask someone who lives nearby to give their opinion.

Average student rent in the UK

Here’s a look at what the average cost in the UK for weekly student rental.
Average Student Rent

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