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Posted Sept. 9, 2020

How to get ready for LLM study in a post-Covid world

Post-covid LLM preparationGetting ready to head to law school to start your LLM program will be a little different this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Maybe it’s your first time studying online or perhaps you’re heading to a campus-based course with social distancing guidelines in place. Whatever your LLM study situation is, there a few simple preparations that you can put into place before you start to make your life easier – some are the same as pre-Covid and a few are new things to consider.

Prepare to study online

If you were a student last year, then you’ll be ready for online studying. Even if you are attending an on-campus LLM course, there will almost certainly be more teaching done via online methods. For those students who are studying an LLM after being in the workplace for a few years, it’s a good idea to read up about online study techniques, and get used to the systems and software that your law school is going to be using. Most, like University College London, will have online sessions available to help you with this.

Networking is vital

Networking is a key part of your LLM and building your contacts and getting involved with associations connected with your LLM course and law school is an important part of your success after graduation. At first, it might be a bit more difficult to network without meeting up in person, but as the regulations change and social distancing during networking events becomes the norm, you and your fellow students will quickly become used to it. Use professional networking sites to build on possible future relationships and join in with online discussions and events that your law school’s student law societies and organisations are running.

Check local regulations

Make sure you understand how your law school will be using social distancing measures and that you understand the finer details such as how many students can gather together in one place. Many law schools will be using their full disciplinary processes to deter students from breaking these rules and to punish those that do. If you are attending an on-campus LLM course and living in new student accommodation, then you will need to find out what the local rules are too. Your law school should keep you informed throughout, so be sure to read up on all the correspondence they send you and also check any online updates.

Connect with students

For students who were always going to study their LLM online, connecting with their fellow students was always going to be through social media and other platforms. But, for those students who prefer in-person methods and enjoy socialising with others, this will be an unusual year. Everyone will be using social media more than they used to and online introductory events, such as Harvard Law School's online orientation, will be much more common.

Prepare friends & family

An LLM is a major undertaking in any circumstances and you need to prepare friends and family for it so they can support you, and this year is no different. You will want to make sure that your home support network understands that you will have to miss out on some family social occasions and events during your LLM year, however, in truth, in these certain times, social events might not be happening anyway. Perhaps, this is the perfect year to study an LLM program as you will certainly have time to concentrate on your studies.

How are law schools operating this year?

Below are some examples of how a few of the prestigious law schools are planning on teaching their LLM programs this academic year.

Post-covid LLM programs
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