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Posted May 21, 2019

Reasons To Study Your LLM In India

LLM in IndiaIndia has the third largest education system in the world, only China and the US have more universities and students.

LLM in India

Although famous for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, India has made big changes to its legal education with the introduction of the 5-year undergraduate law degree. 

In this blog we take a look at the reasons why you should consider studying your LLM in India.

English Language Tuition

One of India's official languages is English, the other is Hindi, and most universities and law schools operate in English. This makes it a popular place for international students from across Asia to come and study. Of course, because there are many languages including Hindi, you will find that your fellow students will speak English and often a local language as well and being able to learn another language will help you throughout your career. 

Another Culture

Immersing yourself in another culture will help you work with people from different cultures and countries for the rest of your life. Learning how other people live and work will help you grow those soft skills that will help with any career, especially if you want to work for an international organisation. 

International Network 

Studying abroad is a great way to make contacts outside of your usual network and if you plan carefully, then you should be able to meet people who you will be able to work with in the future. 

Familiar Teaching Methods

Law schools in India will be familiar to European and British students and most qualifications are recognised outside of India. Students attend lectures and tutorials and submit essays and exams for assessment. To gain entry to law school in India most students have had to undertake a standardised test, often the Law School Admissions Test used around the world or a Postgraduate Entrance Test for an LLM. 

The Indian Legal System

India has a constitution and a Common Law system that is largely based on the British system of government. In addition to this there are plenty of laws that are based on Hindu and Islamic Religious Law and this makes it attractive to many international students from countries where these religions also influence the law. 

Welcoming To Students

India has a warm and welcoming culture that is delightful to explore and will give you plenty to do outside of your studies. The Indian Government wants to encourage international students as they wish to increase the number of international students from 45,000 in 2016 to 200,000 by 2023.

Top 5 Law Schools In India With LLM Specialities

Here is a table of the top five law scholls in India that offer LLM specialties:

India Law Schools

Sources: 1 & law schools' own websites.

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