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Posted May 5, 2020

Top tips for studying your LLM at home

Study your LLM at homeThe global pandemic is turning studying at home into the way of learning that many LLM students will need to follow for the time being to keep their studies on track.

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It's not always easy to be as productive at home as you are on campus at law school, but with a little careful planning you will be able to make your LLM studying at home a success. Here’s how:

Set a routine

Get a good routine going. If your mind and body are expecting to sleep in until the middle of the day, then that's what it's going to do. Make yourself get up, get dressed and start studying. Eat at the same time each day and study for about the same amount of time each day as well. You will find after a few days that your new routine becomes easier and you’ll be motivated to study hard for your LLM.

Know your limits

Hopefully, since you’ve finished at least one degree already, you'll know when you work well and when you don't. You should ensure that you know your limits too, lots of us cannot work late into the night with any effectiveness – if this is you, then don’t push yourself into ill health. Similarly some students are night owls and after dark is when they achieve their best work. Acknowledge what works for you so your work at your personal optimum time.

Create a study space

Having a specific area in your home to study will mean you will associate it with concentration and your LLM studies. Make sure you have a comfortable spot with appropriate seating and a good large table for you to spread your books out. Natural daylight and good artificial lighting are both important to look after your eye health. And by adding an indoor plant it will make the area look nice which is good for your mental wellbeing.

Manage the expectations of housemates

If you are sharing a home with other people, then you will need to manage their expectations of your time particularly if they are not studying as well. Plan when meals will be and communicate with each other about what needs to be done in the house then you will avoid arguments or misunderstandings that will take valuable time away from your LLM studies. If you are sharing your house with your family, then ensure they understand when you require time alone to study.

Take time out

Make sure you regularly put the books away, close the laptop to get away from your studies. If at all possible, try not to use that same device for studying and using social media or streaming movies. Getting into another room to relax will help you de-stress. An even better option is to take the time to get outside, as any Vitamin D you manage to absorb from the sunshine will be good for you. Exercising is a great way to focus your mind for your studies later on that day, so getting out and away from your work will help you study.

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Study your LLM at home

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