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Posted Feb. 13, 2020

What makes the perfect home for an LLM student?

Perfect LLM student homeIf you're starting an LLM course, then you'll be thinking about where you should be living and what sort of accommodation you will need especially if you are travelling to a new town or city for study.

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Even if you are doing an LLM program from home or online, you'll still need to think about your LLM student accommodation for the next year or even two. 

Fresh Student LivingFresh Student Living provides superb housing facilities in the form of privately managed purpose-built student accommodation in student cities all over the UK. Their student hosuing is the ideal alternative to halls of residence and private housing as it offers privacy and comfort, whilst retaining the social aspect and convenience that many students deem essential to their ideal student lifestyle. So if they offer accommodation in your chosen student city, check out their availibility.

In the meantime, here are a few key considerations when choosing your LLM student home

Good location

If you don't know the city or town that your law school is in, then get in touch with the law school or with any alumni you've been speaking to already. Find out where are the best places in the town to live, check local newspapers and websites for more information about the town you're moving to. Consider stuff like noise levels at the weekends and the cost of commuting to your lectures and libraries. In a university town the further away from the main campus then the lower the rent, but check on bus routes if you pick something a good distance before you sign. Some accommodation providers, like Fresh Student Living, will have a bus stop and transportation links right outside the building.

Safe & secure

If you are renting a room from the law school or university, then you will find that it will be up to standard for security and they will detail them on their websites. Other professional accommodation providers like Fresh Student Living, are also going to guarantee your safety and security with wardens onsite and good key systems. If you are renting a room privately, then check all the windows and door locks along with the safety certificates for any gas fireplaces, boilers and have a look at fuse boxes and electricity meters before you sign any contracts.

Good study space

You'll need a good space to study in. Ideally, it will have natural daylight and you need a good comfortable chair that supports your back while you study. Power points and a large desk space to spread out in are all useful items. At Fresh Student Living you can check out what you are going to rent before you agree to anything all online, so you'll know what you're arriving too.

Peace & quiet

Part-time or full-time an LLM is a lot of work, so make sure that you will have peace and quiet to study in. This is a combination of where you pick to live and who you are living with. However, you do need to balance studying with socialising and relaxing outside of your studies. Accommodation providers Fresh Student Living organise social events for their residents so you can get to know your neighbours and get away from the books.

No major renovation needed

Before you start your LLM course, take a good look at your flat, house or room and make sure there is nothing that will drive you to distraction for the next year. If you arrive and you think that the decoration will distract you, then get it sorted out before the course starts. Otherwise, rent a room that is already fresh and modern like those at Fresh Student Living.

Where students live in the UK

Here’s a table illustrating the chosen accommodation options for students in the UK.

LLM student home


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