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Posted April 13, 2017

Why Studying An LLM Will Change Your Life!

Change your life with an LLMThinking of studying an LLM?

Here are five reasons why studying for an LLM can fulfil you both personally and professionally – and why it might just change your life!

1. Enhance career opportunities

Having an LLM under your belt will distinguish you from other applicants who want to go into practice in the legal profession. An LLM demonstrates to potential employers that you have a much more in depth knowledge of the law than those applicants who simply have done a BA in law or a law conversion course. Becoming a practising barrister or solicitor is not the only option for someone with an LLM, though. You might like to go into government and advise on legal policy, for instance, or you could move on to do a PhD and become a legal academic. To maximise your law career potential it may be worth considering studying at one of the UK’s top law schools. Here are the best places to study law as a graduate according to the Guardian's 2017 league tables: 

Change Your Life

2. Financial gain

The average earnings of an LLM holder will vary depending on where you choose to study and which profession you decide to go into. Nevertheless they tend to be highly attractive, as this example from the US shows, with government lawyers achieving starting salaries of almost $70,000.

3. Personal fulfilment

Ever wanted to delve deeper into the finer aspects of IP Law? Perhaps you have a flair for languages and as such would like to take a module in Comparative Law? With an LLM you can follow your passions and explore those aspects of law that you are most interested in, in a manner that is highly personally fulfilling.

4. An opportunity to decide what you want to do

Not sure whether you do want to go into practice after your law degree? Thinking of studying a PhD but keen to dip your toe into the world of postgrad study before you make a final decision? Studying an LLM could be perfect for you at this juncture in your life. Taking an LLM course provides you with an opportunity to see what it is like to study law at a postgraduate level and to decide whether you like it, without having to commit yourself yet to the full three to four year commitment that is required to do a PhD. Moreover, though there is no denying that an LLM requires you to work hard, in many ways it does provide a 'breather year' where you can take the additional time to decide which direction you want your career to take.

5. Discovering a new city – and new friends

Taking up a place on an LLM course may well involve moving to a new city to study, perhaps even to a new part of the world. It will certainly involve meeting new people. In and of themselves, these factors are very exciting and they can significantly expand your horizons. Socially, as well as professionally, studying an LLM can change your life. On your LLM course, you can meet new friends and professional contacts that you can rely on for life.

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