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Posted Aug. 13, 2020

Why it is the perfect time to study an LLM in Health Care Law

LLM in Health Care LawHealth Care Law is closely related to Medical Law and Medical Ethics.

LLM in Health Care Law

This specialism was becoming increasingly popular before the coronavirus crisis for both lawyers and also medical professionals wishing to gain an understanding of the legal issues involved in their work. The impacts of the pandemic on LLM students are still evolving, but interest in Health Care Law is at an all-time high. Let’s take a look at why it’s the perfect time to study an LLM in Health Care Law.

What is Health Care Law?

Health Care Law can depend in part on the country you are based in – for example in the United States it can include topics surrounding the business aspects of Health Care Law in the US, however this is not usually included when studying Health Care Law in other countries. Other parts of Health Care Law that can be studied include the refusal of treatment, clinical negligence and medical malpractice, consent, and confidentiality.

Why should you study it?

LLM courses in Health Care Law come in two types, there are those intended for medical professionals and those for legal professionals, however, many courses are suitable for both types of students. Health Care Law is an ideal choice for those lawyers who wish to move into Health Care or Medical Law and for medical professionals who wish to gain an understanding of the legal implications of their work. For lawyers, choosing to practice in Health Care Law is often considered recession-resistant as people will always need medicine.

Where is it used?

For medical professionals, Health Care Law will grow their careers in the management of medical teams and institutions such as hospitals. For legal professionals, it can include careers in medical facilities within their legal department or as part of the management of the institution. Other professionals such as judges and magistrates might want to develop their understanding of Health Care Law along with those involved with public health policy within national governments. Health Care Law can also be for those who are working for legal teams who represent medical professionals and people who work for organisations such as medical NGOs.

What is studied on an LLM in Health Care Law?

There are several law schools that offer specialisms in this field and all of them include slightly different modules so make sure you do some research and choose the one that best meets your interests. In the UK the LLM in Healthcare Ethics and Law at the University of Manchester includes modules on topics such as Mental Health Law and Ethics, Global Health Law and Ethics, and Children, Medicine and the Law. Meanwhil in the United States, the University of Houston offers an LLM program that includes Rural Health Law, Medicare, Fraud and Abuse, and E-Health Law. In Australia the Health Law concentration at the University of Sydney has modules on Dispute Resolution, Medicines and Class Actions, Global Governance and Policy, and the legal problems surrounding genetics, reproduction, and death.

What LLMs in Health Care Law are on offer?

Here are the details of a selection of Health Care Law LLMs currently available to study worldwide.

LLM in Health Care Law

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