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Posted June 28, 2021

Why is it the perfect time to study an LLM?

Right time to study an LLMDo you want to advance your law career? If you already have a law degree, you may now wish to advance to an LLM.

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During the pandemic, most people were confined into their houses, which prompted them to reassess their lives. Normalcy is gone, and we are dealing with the new normal. Following this, most people are now looking for different things to do and advancing careers is high up on the agenda. So, if you’re interested in pursuing or advancing your law career, it is the perfect time to study for an LLM – here’s why.

1. Expand career path

Having an LLM will allow you to work in different capacities, even in international legal systems. You will not only enhance your career path, but also open doors to work on international grounds.

2. Enhance employment prospects

When seeking employment, most employers look for the person with the most skills and expertise. Having a Master of Laws will make you stand out from the other candidates. Prospective employers will seek your services, as they know that you can competently handle responsibility and commitment.

3. Pursue your passion

Have you always had a passion for a certain aspect of law? Well, now is the best time to explore this passion further. There is nothing as good as fulfilling your heart's desires. After completing the course, you will know how it feels to complete the course you have always dreamt about.

4. Meet new people

Studying a new course will expose you to a whole lot of new people. We have been locked indoors for a long time, and most people have missed physical interaction. By taking up a new course, you get to meet new people and create lifelong bonds, both professionally and socially. Some may turn out to be lifelong friends, legal colleagues, or even future spouses! Take the course now and enjoy the results.

5. Get a new qualification

It doesn’t hurt diversifying and increasing your CV milestones. Holding an LLM from a top law school is a huge qualification that impacts your appeal and your earning potential. If you already hold a position in the company, you can may even be able to request a pay increase given your newly acquired knowledge, experience and skills. While it is not always an immediate result, it is worthwhile in the end. If you are job hunting, the LLM will definitely enhance your CV, especially if you are a mature student.

6. Network with potential law firms & specialists

As you study your LLM you will also find other like-minded people in the class setting. They could be potential law firm owners and specialists who may employ you later or provide you with invaluable introductions.

7. Specialisation

The legal field has a lot of specialisations. If you opted for a general law focus in your undergraduate degree, or even specialised in the wrong area of law, an LLM is a great opportunity to study a specialism further. While it only takes a short time – one year full time – you will get a lot of knowledge and experience in your LLM. You can choose from a vast range of specialisms, including legal tech law, intellectual property law or even taxation law.

In conclusion

Don’t wait any longer to acquire that LLM – get your future started today and improve your career and scope of knowledge, as well as enhancing your overall life satisfaction!

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