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Posted April 21, 2021

Can you study an LLM in Cyber Security?

LLM in Cyber SecurityAs the digital space and expertise continues to grow and evolve, more focus is being placed on cyber security laws and regulations.

LLM in Cyber Security

This relatively new area of law has become necessary due to the ever-changing nature of legal statuses linked to fields like information technology, financial security and data privacy.

Legal experts in cyber security

Technology has a tremendous impact in almost every area of society and this is expected to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. Most activities being carried out today are highly dependent on data networks, electronic devices and information systems. While all this leads to hyper-connectivity, there’s also the continued emergence of new threats and vulnerabilities to consider. Every new threat and vulnerability that emerges brings unknown security risks, further demonstrating the need to protect the information in all fields. Information protection applies not only to users but also to companies, industries, and regions. Several regions and countries have introduced legislation that calls for augmented and enriched security guided by ethical and moral criteria. The introduction of cyber security-related laws highlights the need to implement large-scale regulatory frameworks to prevent IT crime and reduce unwanted security incidents.

LLMs in Cyber Security

Although there are currently no LLM programs that concentrate solely on cyber security, it is possible to choose modules in this field as part of a more general LLM pathway, and it is thought that this will become an increasingly available option. Specialising in cyber security will make it easier for learners to get an idea of the legal concepts used in the digital world, including getting an idea of what may come next. LLM programs in this field typically cover a broad range of topics that include:

  • Regulation of intellectual information
  • Importance of security with regards to web-based financial transactions
  • Role of commerce

Depending on the specific LLM program opted for, students may find a strong similarity with Technology Law LLM Programs. In the case of a specialised degree, LLM scholars may have to tackle a project component or attend an internship. Both are meant to help them apply what they have learned in class in a real-world cyber security environment. From here, graduates can choose to pursue careers as regulators in government bodies or become consultants in matters related to cyber security. Undertaking a Master of Laws specialising in cyber security will usually involve studying various modules, including:

  • Computer ethics
  • Digital engineering
  • Data protection law
  • Systems management
  • UK and international law affecting cyber security

The journey to becoming a cyber security lawyer involves gaining as much technical knowledge and skills in this field as possible. In addition to your law degree, you may need to take IT courses to help you understand networks from an IT professionals’ perspective. Corresponding IT training and certifications may also be necessary, but whether you will need them will depend on the path you choose to follow. Some cyber security lawyers may require certification, while others will do well, even without it.

Skills developed

As well as being a beneficial to a fulfilling career in law or a related field, an LLM is also considered to be a first step towards academia for UK and US students. Learners are provided with various opportunities to undertake thorough research or to specialise in a particular field and an LLM can prove invaluable for those looking to get a doctoral-level degree in law. The table below shows the study options available to those looking to study a Master of Laws degree in the area of cyber security, and what skills they could help to develop.

LLM in Cyber Security

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Jumoke Ogunjebi Jan. 21, 2022, 12:21 p.m.

Can you point me to a school offering LLM in cyber security in England

Charlotte King Jan. 25, 2022, 2:05 p.m.

There are currently no LLMs that specialise solely in Cyber Security, however there are courses that offer modules in this Cyber Security, for example the LLM in Security and International Law at the University of Manchester has a module in Cyber Security and International Law >

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