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Posted Jan. 17, 2022

Why are job prospects for LLM students getting better?

LLM job prospectsThe Covid-19 pandemic had a significantly negative effect on the job market in general, putting the world mostly on pause for the last two years.

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Many people lost their jobs, while firms and companies reduced their hiring rates, making some people wonder if they would ever get a job, which can be discouraging to say the least. However, with the pandemic situation progressively getting under control, things worldwide are now on the up, and no more so than for LLM students, whose job prospects are getting better and better.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this is.

New recruitment drives as the pandemic (hopefully) reaches an end

The introduction and continued vaccination of people worldwide have helped to keep the pandemic situation in check. Moreover, the economy in most countries is now recovering as most businesses are reopening and others are being newly established. This move has seen an increase in recruitment drives over a wide array of opportunities for LLM students worldwide.

Interesting LLM specialisms leading to new areas of expertise

The field of law is wide, and while you may have your law degree at hand, it may not necessarily earn you the role you want or provide you with enough expertise in a certain area of interest. For this reason, various law schools are progressively introducing LLM new specialisms that you can specialise in, such as an LLM in Cyber Security. It is easier for an employer to trust your resume and prowess when they can attest that you are specialised in the area that specifically serves their legal needs.

Increased and robust employer confidence

More employer confidence is equating to a significant hiring spree in 2022. In fact, according to a recent poll by REC (the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, expert job market researchers in the UK), this confidence has increased the number of firms looking for permanent employees. Both temporary and permanent workers are still in high demand, but permanent hiring has taken the lead after a far slower rebound than temp hiring. This pattern is consistent with previous economic recoveries as observed in the analysis. This significantly increases the chances of LLM students to get jobs in their areas of interest.

Use of remote work and communication results in new opportunities

In a quest to combat and prevent further spreading of the Covid 19, governments had to enforce the limitation of people going to their workplaces. Most companies and employers, for that matter, had to seek an alternative that would still have their firms being productive, hence the introduction of the 'work from home’ policies. Law firms now can have their lawyers work successfully beyond the constraints of a traditional office. This helps the firm cut on budget and better utilise funds that were otherwise paying for amenities within the workplace. It also can give people the opportunity to apply for jobs in locations that they previously wouldn’t have considered as they don’t need to travel there every day. The absence of limiting space and access to more funds can also open more opportunities for students to get hired.

More need for legal skills

The pandemic has forced most organisations, and individuals for that matter, to regroup. For instance, companies have had to change their policies to incorporate the ‘work from home’ policies, together with payroll and workplace usage adjustments, which needs the input of legal skills. Moreover, some people have lost their jobs and are filing for lawsuits, while others have been inspired to make a life change and move house, thereby buying or selling their properties. In addition, people are switching from one job to another while others create their start-ups. The number of areas in which legal skills need to be applied for successful proceedings is infinite. All these processes lead to the increase in demand for attorneys' expertise all over the world.

Increased drives for justice and fundamental human rights protection

Over the years many people have faced injustice and discrimination. Various occurrences during the pandemic have enabled many of these people to rise together, forming movements with a voice in a quest to fight for their fundamental human rights. If you are looking for a career that offers more than paying your bills, these drives could offer you opportunities as a lawyer, to both earn a living and do good for society.

LLM events are increasingly being organised and attended

Social networking is very important when seeking job opportunities, and no more so than for LLM students. Our LLM Events and Open Days section is a great way to find out about upcoming LLM events with other members of the LLM student community.

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