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Posted Dec. 6, 2021

How to combat your LLM procrastination habits

LLM procrastinationMany students are afflicted by procrastination, the nagging menace that compels them to put crucial things off yet another day.

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Procrastination is an active process that entails ignoring an unpleasant or challenging task that is probably more vital, to do an activity that is easier to do.

As an LLM student you will probably know exactly what you are supposed to be doing, but instead of doing it will postpone the assignment to a later date. This will inevitably lead to reduced productivity and increase your chances of missing out on achieving your academic objective. If you are inclined to procrastinate, you may find yourself wasting time and then suffering from anxiety, guilt and missed opportunities. You are likely to then get stressed as you try to meet strict deadlines to submit challenging and time-consuming assignments. Our guide should enlighten you on different ways that you can combat your LLM procrastination habits and how to make the best use of your time.

1. Study when you’re alert

While many students find they are most efficient when they wake up early to study, others are night owls and get their best work done when the sun’s gone down. Listen to your body clock and work when you yawn less and focus more. As a result, you will be more productive and won’t need as many stimulants – coffee, tea, protein bars, etc – to keep your body alert for longer hours.

2. Clear and tidy study space

How can you complete your assignments well if your desk is disorganised? Always clear any unwanted materials from your study space so you have a tidy desk to think, study and write. Eliminate distractions – such as a blaring TV or background noise – so you can concentrate.

3. Eat healthy foods

Eating healthy meals and avoiding junk and sugary food is proven to boost your performance. Health foods keep your blood sugar regulated, so while you study make sure you eat healthy snacks like berries, nuts and wholegrains. Bear in mind, that in many cases a flapjack that you’ll find in a vending machine may not an ideal option as it could contain more sugar than a Snickers bar!

4. Form study groups

Revising in a team is a great idea for LLM students, as a group activity keeps you motivated and eases learning. Also, group work helps you memorise materials, expand your understanding, and give you a chance to prepare for upcoming exams, plus it’s a great way to get to know you peers and divide the workload.

5. Maintain regular contact with your supervisor

It’s also a good idea to regularly contact your supervisor for advice, most likely when you are preparing for assignments and exams. Supervisors will help you go through bits of challenging information that you need more clarification to understand. It’s advisable to visit your lecturer’s office frequently or email them, if that is their preferred method of contact, and always attend your LLM tutorials. If you know any students that have already studied a specific LLM module that you’re now trying to understand, you can always try talking to them too and ask them about relevant information that could help you tackle the question with ease.

6. Create a study schedule

When you join the LLM class, it is important to set your goals and create a workable study schedule. Your schedule should include your daily study timelines and how you will complete each one of your assignments. Also, try and to break your assignments up into small, manageable chunks – that way your work won’t be quite so overwhelming.

7. Take some me-time

Even if you have loads of assignments, it’s important not to overwork yourself – your brain can only handle so much! Make sure you take some time to relax. We recommend that you study for around 60 to 90 minutes and then take a break to protect yourself from burning out and losing focus.

8. Hold yourself accountable

You will have to accept that you are responsible and accountable for completing your assignments on time or revising enough for your LLM exams, if you want to succeed in your LLM. At the same time, it is easy to find a reason to procrastinate doing an assignment for unnecessary extra-long breaks. It would be best if you recollect yourself before such occurrences happen. Be responsible for your assignment, test, and grades.


Most students undertaking a Master of Laws will have been afflicted by procrastination at some point or other during their studies. As a result, they will have found themselves suffering from guilt, missed opportunities, increased anxiety and a whole host of excuses. Hopefully our tips will help you overcome procrastination and instead become a proactive and successful LLM student – happy studying!

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