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Posted Feb. 22, 2021

How do you choose your LLM student home?

LLM student homeFor full-time on campus LLM studies, student accommodation is an important part of getting this critical year just right.

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A comfortable home with the considerate neighbours will help with your studies and massively increase your chances of happiness as well as success during your LLM program. So let’s take a look at how you can choose your LLM student home.

Type of accommodation

Fresh accommodationA good place to start is by picking a good student accommodation provider like Fresh. Our accommodation partner offers student-style accommodation in most student towns around the UK and have a combination of different types of living arrangements in most of their halls of residences. Fresh often combines students from different universities or colleges allowing students to get to know a diverse range of people from other universities. They also hold social events for their residents, which is a brilliant way to get to know your neighbours and to relax during your LLM year. If you decide to live in university or law school accommodation, then it’s a good idea to try and get into postgraduate-specific accommodation so you can avoid the noisier first-year students who are likely to have just left home for the first time. If you choose accommodation provided by private landlords be aware that you will need to inspect the property before you sign a rental agreement. One big advantage of Fresh – especially during these unprecedented times – is that you can tour the accommodation and facilities all online before you agree to rent from them.

This table shows what type of accommodation UK students chose to live in in 2018-19.

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Consider your housemates

It’s important to give who you live with during your LLM studies careful consideration. If you want to share self-catering accommodation or a private house or flat, then choosing a provider like Fresh makes it a little easier as they have individual agreements with each of the residents and everyone pays them directly. This avoids unnecessary disagreements over bills, which will obviously help you to get along with your flatmates. Whatever your living arrangements are, your law school or university will have plenty of advice to help you get along with your housemates. Picking the right people who share your sense of fun or lifestyle will make it simpler for you all to enjoy each other’s company when you’re not studying. Having a convivial environment to come home to means that you will be able to relax during an intensive LLM year.

Location, location, location

If you are unfamiliar with the town you are moving to for your LLM, then get in touch with former students and the student union or association to find out where is the best area for you to live – most law schools will have lots of information online, too. People in the know will be able to help you by showing you which parts of the town, city or campus will be better for you as an LLM student to live in. You might want to be close to the law library or perhaps you’d rather commute to the campus but be closer to the gym. Security is important to everyone, so you’ll want to know that you will feel safe and secure during the night and speaking to local residents will help you find this out. It’s best to take a little local advice before agreeing to rent a room or flat as a peaceful place where you will be able to concentrate will make a big difference to your year.

Fresh is one of many potential private accommodation options for international postgraduate students. Other private student accommodation options are available and advises you to research all your options thoroughly before making such a commitment. Postgrad Solutions accepts no responsibility for your choice of student accommodation and does not endorse or support Fresh. Fresh Student Living Ltd is registered in England and Wales under company number 07268209. The VAT number is 142920528.

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