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Posted Sept. 28, 2015

5 Kinds Of LLM Students You Are Most Likely To Meet

You’ve gone from being a UG law fresher where you had teenage-ish conversations about music bands and weekend dates, and now you’ve upped your levels to more serious topics such as how to go about selecting LLM modules, visiting the library, attending LLM socials, exploring the city, etc. etc. By now you’ve probably met a few people o who will be doing the LLM course with you for the next year. You may well end up being very good friends with some of these student – others you may clash with – and there are still many people you will get to know along the way. No matter where you travelled to study an LLM course, you will always end up meeting some stereotypes… No, these are not the conventional law geeks you find in the library – there are some other interesting LLM students that you will want to keep an eye out for!  


I bet you already came across these students at your LLM enrolment or induction session. They seldom take their eyes off their mobiles and are busy checking on the next thing that they need to look for – either locating a nearby café using mobile maps or finding local bank timings using that ubiquitous mobile browser! Although they may appear to be busy all the time, they are pretty much in-sync with the present happenings. You will find them useful in tracking down the newest places in the city or finding the cheapest salons. Befriending a Google-er can save you both time and money!


Lawyers who do a part-time LLM degree to gain specialist knowledge in their field of practice may attend some classes with you. These types could also include lawyers who take a break from work to study an LLM program. They may miss several classes (due to work or other important commitments) but when they do attend, they could supply insightful experiences to classroom discussions on specific procedural or technical legal aspects. It would be good to chat with them to know the kind of work they do since they are already hands-on into the subject. You never know – you may even end up getting an internship in the firm they work for.


Yep you’ve experienced the ‘Slacking Intellectual’ in all of your educational experience to date – students who can get good scores effortlessly, or at least that how it seems! They are almost everywhere, although fortunately for your self-esteem not in high numbers. You may well find them on your LLM course, discussing PhD topics with professors. It would be good to find out what they’re up to and how they manage to manage their time well! It may take some drinks to get to know their secret strategies ;-)


In your UG law, how often did you come across people who liked to party in a good place with the best music offering in the city – probably not too often because mostly at the undergrad stage everyone is happy to follow the crowd as long as the pub/club/venue had music and drinks! Once you get into the postgrad stage, people become choosy about the places they go. It could be in a different town where they spend the weekend or in a posh club in the same city. It would be a good idea to watch out for discounted events at these clubs and tag along with people who know the right places. It’ll certainly give you a more interesting and varied social life.


If you thought people came to a particular city just because they were interested in getting a degree from a popular place, you may be wrong. There are few covert types who can’t wait to indulge in the local culinary offerings – be it London’s Chinatown, a Balti in Birmingham, or even a farmer’s market in Oxford. Tag along and you’ll find yourself acquiring a refined knowledge of food indulgence that you never had before. Not to mention – if they cook at home too you’ll wanna get on their dinner party circuit!


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