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Posted Jan. 11, 2021

Reasons to study an LLM as a mature student

Mature LLM studentAn LLM, or Master of Laws, is a popular degree of choice for people looking to advance their careers in certain fields.

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It is particularly popular among mature students who are more likely to know what they want out of life and where you see yourself in a few years time. As a mature student you are likely to know what area of law interests you the most – be it employment law, taxation law or even law in general – and an LLM could open the door to entering this field.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should study an LLM as a mature student.

Subjects specialisation

An LLM is an excellent opportunity to dive into an in-depth study of a particular area in the law that you had been interested in when pursuing your LLB certification. There are a variety of LLM subjects that you can focus on and specialising in one area can be very beneficial when you are choosing a firm to be part of and help to give you the competitive edge when applying for a job.

Building experience & skill development

Studying an LLM will give you advanced skills in different areas such as critical analysis, research, negotiation, persuasive speaking and writing. This makes an LLM a great choice for those planning to have a legal career, since it is a respected employer certification and is acknowledged as providing the necessary skills to be successful in law.

Expand legal network

One of the most significant advantages of an LLM is that it gets you many more law connections. Whilst you are studying your course you will meet fellow LLM students, law academics and representatives from legal firms at networking events. These connections can give you more opportunities to get a great job and start off on your career path.

Add value to your CV

An LLM qualification is a great way to fill any gaps on your CV. Many employers are very keen to hire lawyers with LLM certifications due to it being indicative of advancement in law subjects and competence. In short, having an LLM on your CV is likely to give you the edge when being shortlisted for a job interview at a law firm over those who don’t have one.

Salary increase

In addition to adding value to your CV and providing the opportunity for career advancements and new career opportunities, an LLM can also help mature students justify a salary increase.

Academic stepping stone

A Master of Laws can also be used as a stepping stone for those who want to follow an academic route, for example those who want to study a PhD. By studying at a postgraduate level of an LLM the student will have a better view of whether academia is for them and they want to move on to study a doctorate.

In conclusion...

As a mature law student pursuing an LLM is one of the best decisions you can make in your career due to its vast benefits.

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