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Posted June 3, 2021

Returning to law school campus in the UK

Law School CampusUK and US universities have taken strict health and safety measures in the course of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Various law schools have introduced virtual and hybrid options with an aim to continue learning amidst the pandemic, however now that law school students are returning to campus imminently for physical classes, universities and law schools in the UK are taking stringent measures to keep their students safe. For example, despite the return to campus, in-person classes are likely to remain reduced and substituted with online lectures, to ensure only a small number of students are physically in class at a go. 

Here are some of the other safety measures being adopted by UK universities and law schools as they reopen their doors to onsite teaching:

  • New rules have been introduced where face masks will be compulsory in the school premises at all times. Some campuses have offered free branded reusable face masks for the students. 
  • Buildings and seats will be marked to enforce social distancing requirements recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • International students returning to a law school campus in the UK will be required to self-isolate for a period of time depending on what country they have flown in from before joining the rest of their classmates. 
  • Testing centres will be free and accessible for all staff and students at all times. 
  • Cleanliness will be highly maintained, with sanitizers and hand-washing points strategically positioned around campus. 

Students will also have to take it upon themselves to stay safe and protect those around them. Below are some of the things a postgraduate law student should do to best prepare to return to on-campus studies in the next couple of weeks.

1. Understand the law school’s plan

Things are definitely going to be a bit different around campus as the law school implements new study timetables and movement rules. As a law student, it is essential to find out about the recent changes to ease your back-to-campus transition. Check out the law school’s website for information on restricted areas, available facilities, new rules and any other critical information.

2. Adopt virtual tools

Students must be willing to adopt online study tools. As seen in the initial section of this article, law schools have had to combine online and physical classes to reduce on-campus appearances for students. This means that most students will have to engage in online courses to stay on track with their studies. Online classes are as effective and productive as physical classes. For example, UNH Franklin Pierce LLM graduates adopted online classes to complete studies amidst the pandemic, and the career success amongst the most recent batch of graduates in UNH was a clear indication that online classes can result in as much success as physical classes.

3. Maintaining safety measures

Staying safe on campus should be a personal initiative for all students. Therefore, it is vital to respect and follow all safety rules at law school to avoid getting in trouble with authorities and to ensure you stay safe. 

In conclusion

The Covid-19 safety measures might tempt some people to stay away from their peers to avoid catching the virus, however as long as safety measures are observed, students can still engage in social activities on campus. It is recommendable to offer emotional support to fellow students that test positive for the virus by comforting them via phone or text and sending them study material during the quarantine period. International students should also be supported during any 14-day compulsory self-isolation period so they don’t feel lonely and isolated. 

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