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Posted July 15, 2016

Ways To Unwind After A Hectic LLM Phase

So you’ve almost finished. You’re at the brink of finishing up all your written assessments. Some of you may have already finished exams and probably waiting for colleagues to finish and then join you in unwinding before delving into the last phase of your LLM study – the dissertation!

It is important that you utilise the time after your exams to take a break before you pick up on your reading and writing again. You ought to go into dissertation mode with a fresh mind and brimming with energy as it will be the final lap of your LLM study and by far the most exciting bit for you to work on!

Here are our top tips on making the most of your break after finishing your LLM exams:


Yes you read that right. Partying after your last day of exams may be the “norm” for LLM students so you may well just go with the flow. Yet we feel that sobering up and hitting a juice bar may actually be a worthwhile exercise. You can start eating healthy for once after weeks of eating the routine ready meals and frozen food sourced from on-campus stores. Psst…you could go organic by exploring the local market or invite classmates to dish out new recipes together for breakfast, lunch and dinner by taking turns!


There is no harm in using up a few days to travel locally if you haven’t already or hop onto the local tour buses. If you can combine a weekend into it, then plan something outside the city. If the summer weather is tolerable then a beach camp or walking trail help in relaxing after a hectic exam phase.


Getting enough sleep is imperative to good mental health and wellbeing so this should probably be on top of your list after finishing your last exam! You really want at least eight hours of sleep that you have been deprived of in the past couple of weeks. Don’t forget to switch off your alarms, close the curtains and leave a Do-Not-Disturb sign on your door should any colleague come scrounging for toothpaste in the wee morning hours!


Use the time to scan any interesting events taking place within your city or in a neighboring town. This could include anything from career-related fairs and skills development workshops to creative gatherings in arts or literature that can act as a breath of fresh air.  Some students even pick up on skills in pottery or do something completely random like a crash courses in beekeeping!


If you haven’t been exposed to doing any voluntary work before this may be your chance to do something even if it means for a week or fortnight. There can be so many ways of volunteering that you just need to look around nearby to find an opportunity. An option would be to check your college noticeboards or check with your careers group if they can guide you to a department that needs an extra pair of hands or eyes to organize an activity. Gaining some work experience whilst you study will help develop skills that you can add to your CV.

Hopefully these ideas and your own ways of relaxing help you charge up your brains before you start working on your dissertations. Don’t forget to check out our related article on bracing yourself for LLM dissertation here!


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