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Posted Jan. 5, 2021

What is an LLM in Arbitration Law?

Arbitration LawAn LLM in Arbitration is an LLM program dealing specifically with arbitration.

LLM in Arbitration Law

Arbitration can be understood as an alternative way of negotiating and resolving disputes outside of the traditional court system. Arbitration extends to most commercial fields, including construction, sports and the commercial sector. Therefore, to pursue and successfully achieve a career in the field, students of law would need to cover substantial coursework in many different fields.

What modules should you expect?

Since arbitration highly relies on negotiation and interaction, most LLM programs in Arbitration will be geared towards equipping the student with various kinds of technical skills. In turn, the students develop interpersonal and communication skills while sharpening their critical thinking abilities and keenness to detail. Some of the modules that incorporate this – and will be targeted more at those students looking to work in foreign regions will include civil procedure, corporations, administrative law, legal writing, international dispute resolution, commercial arbitration, public international law and contract. Other modules will include civil rights, human rights and constitutional law, and courses on contracts, torts, mediation and negotiation techniques.

Where can you study an LLM in Arbitration Law?

There are quite a number of law schools all over the world offering program. Some of the most popular LLMs in Arbitration Law are taught at law schools in the United States, including the George Washington University, the University of Miami, and the University of Denver. In Europe there are good LLM in Arbitration Law offerings from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Stockholm University, University of Law and Swiss International Law School in Europe. Plus there are also courses at the University of Hong Kong in Asia and the University of Sydney in Australia. Where you choose to study will depend on the law of the region you intend to work on. For example, if you intend to sit for the Bar in the US, then you’ll need a US-based program that will let you do so. If you are a foreign-trained lawyer, you want to go for states that actually allow international students to sit for the Bar Exam. Some of the few such states in the US include New York and California. Some popular law schools in these regions include the UC Hastings Law School and New York University. Additionally, you can register for and complete your course through various online platforms and get certification from a reputable institution from the comfort of your home.

Why study an LLM in Arbitration Law?

Arbitration has grown to become a key method of resolving commercial disputes, therefore a degree in the field will open doors to opportunities in an assortment of fields, both international and local. After completing the LLM, a student can also get state licenses to become an attorney or work in most other departments such as education, construction, insurance, human resource and many more. Other than that, a degree in LLM in Arbitration Law will also equip you with a multitude of skills, both technical and interpersonal, that will help advance your career in law.

How much will an LLM in Arbitration Law cost?

This table illustrates some examples of the tuition fees you can expect to pay for studying LLM in Arbitration in various universities around the world.

Arbitration Law

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