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Living In India As An LLM Student

India is a massive country and with a population of 1.3 billion people, it can be quite a culture shock to international LLM students from other less populated nations. The different regions of India can present cultural changes for Indian students as well as international ones.

It doesn't matter how far you travel for study, if you're leaving home for the first time there are always challenges.

Here are some tips for preparing to study your LLM at a law school in India and reasons why it's a great choice

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India Living CostsLiving Costs 

Your cost of living as an LLM student in India will depend on your lifestyle, but international students will often find costs are low compared to back home. Eating out at a restaurant can cost you as little as US$2 and even most expensive restaurants will cost around US$10 for a meal. Rents are low in India and some universities will have accommodation on campus whereas others will not, so in the larger cities there are extensive student accommodation providers, private rentals and hostels available for students. Accommodation often costs students around Rs120,000 for the year, which is around US$1,700. Tuition fees are similarly low with tuition fees at private law schools coming in at around Rs10,000 per year, which is US$1,300 and tuition fees at public universities tend to be a little lower. This is one reason why studying in India is a popular choice for international students.

Living costs in India 


India ClimateClimate 

India is a vast country and the climate varies significantly from region to region. The most comfortable time of year for most people is from November to March when temperatures are cooler. The monsoons come at almost any time of year depending on where you are, but for most of India, this is between April and September, apart from the South East which experiences the monsoon season between October and December. In the northern parts of India, the summer months can be very hot, but the humidity is higher the further south you go. 

India Student LifeStudent Life 

The Indian government is trying to increase the number of international students that come to study in India and aims to have 200,000 international students by 2023. For most international students you will be accommodated with other students your age at your university so you will have plenty of new friends to explore India with. Travelling around India is inexpensive so you will easily be able to find out about the fascinating history, culture and food that are on offer in India. 

India Republic DayIndian HomeMake Yourself Feel at Home 

For international students, life in India can seem very different and it can take international students a little time to adjust to life in India. Try and immerse yourself in the local culture and activities, for example India Republic Day celebrations, to get the most out of the experience of living and studying in India. If you are an international student you should try and give yourself a few of weeks to start settling in before you begin to focus on your LLM year.

Even if you lived all your life in India, if you are travelling away from your home for the first time it can be hard to settle in straight away so do give yourself some time. You can plan ahead by finding out about student associations or committees, like these at Symbiosis Law School, you can join before you get there and get online to meet some fellow students on social media before you head off. Most law schools will provide you with plenty of information about associations and groups you can be a part of, alternatively the All India Law Student Association is another good place to start. 

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