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Studying an LLM (Master of Laws) Program in Colorado

LLM in ColoradoColorado was the 38th state in the United States to be proclaimed. Its capital city is Denver and it’s the eighth widest state in America, comprising of the Great Plains and the Colorado Plateau.

Colorado has a picturesque landscape of deserts, plateaus, rivers, forests and canyons. 

The state of Colorado has gained massive repute for being athletic, which is why it has the lowest obesity rate in the entire country. This is due to the fact that the environment is apt for biking, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities.

All types of cuisine can be found in the state of Colorado, and it is finger-licking good with Mexican cafés being the majority across the state. 

Christianity is the major religion in Colorado, although a substantial percentage of the population is affiliated to other religions like Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Colorado borders Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Utah.

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Law schools in Colorado

Lawyers are definitely amongst the professionals living the American dream, and Colorado is a recognised state when it comes to offering standard LLM programs. The two main law schools are: 

University of Colorado Law School: Located in Boulder, this university utilizes strong policies and doctrines. The institution largely functions as a premier research centre because the law is constantly evolving. The courses available equip students so that they can be able to keep up with change. This law school emphasizes on the significance of exercising creativity in order to obtain sound judgment. 

University of Denver – Sturm College of Law: This law school is quite dynamic with a faculty that has been growing at a constant rate over the last few years. This is in a bid to expand the university to accommodate more students, according to the Chancellor. The Sturm College, which is renowned for quality and excellent architecture, is a great gift from Donald Sturm and his wife. 

LLM programs available to study in Colorado

There is a good selection of LLM programs that students can opt to study in Colorado – these include:

Entrepreneurial Law LLM

This LLM program is like no other in United States. It is specifically designed to develop the proficiency of attorneys thus broadening their practice. It focuses on the legal needs of a business that seeks to thrive, especially in an evolving environment. Graduates are capable of providing essential counsel suitable for the highly innovative and unruly companies of the new age. 

Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law LLM 

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace consequently leaving intellectual property prone to cyber crime. Lawyers in this niche are trained to work under versatile situations that mostly involve energetic clients. These are usually companies interested in safe guarding their intellectual assets. Students of this LLM program are exposed to wide variety of policies like trademark, patent and copyright.

Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment LLM 

This LLM program focuses on environmental law, which Colorado is deeply rooted in through its active protection of natural resources. It is categorised as one of the best programs nationwide. Colorado’s scenery provides the perfect setting for studying natural resources since the region is wealthy and diverse with regards. It’s appropriate for attorneys seeking to switch to this field or even enhance marketability. 

Law student’s perspective

“Colorado Law has fostered a collaborative environment where students are willing to share information and cheer for each other's success. Law school can be a stressful time, but being at a university that emphasizes community goes a long way towards creating a positive environment for students.” Charlie Clark - Sports Law Society. 

Famous Colorado law school alumni

Colorado law schools are noteworthy for a number of famous alumni serving as attorneys and judges. Byron White and Wiley Rutledge have served in the US Supreme Court both in the capacity of associate justice. The current judge at the Federal Court in Denver, Christine Arguello, is another renowned alumnus. Others whose names are also worth mentioning are John Suthers, Colorado’s present Attorney General, and William Lee, the State Legislator. 

Tuition fees & living costs in Colorado

One of the best things about studying law in Colorado is that one gets the chance of utilising the COF (College Opportunity Fund). Launched in 2004, the fund is aimed at offering stipends to undergraduates for supplementing university bills. Students are required to apply then authorise for the stipend to be released. 

After being admitted to law school, students must confirm that they have enrolled to the particular institution by depositing $200. The deposit cannot be transferred so students who change their minds later on about studying law in Colorado forfeit it. However, it’s refunded when the student graduates or transfers from the institution via the correct channel. 

Estimated expenses

The expenses normally vary from one student to the next with deciding factors being course study, accommodation, tuition and individual needs. Providing precise figures for the expenses is, therefore, not easy. The following are the estimates: 

Expenses for US citizens 

Tuition & Fees: $9,152 – $13,742
On-campus Accommodation: $11,278
Books & Supplies: $1,992
Estimated Total: $22,422 – $27,012

Expenses for international students

Tuition & Fees: $30,330 – $33,880
On-campus Accommodation: $11,278
Books & Supplies: $1,992
Estimated Total: $43,600 – $47,150 

International students admissions & applications

Thousands of international students from across the globe come to Colorado to study LLM programs. As a rule, all international students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language through courses like ESL, SAT or TOEFL. 

Visa requirements vary. Confirm with the American embassy in your home country for more details. In most cases, you’ll have to show that you’re capable of covering all expenses for the entire duration of the program. Proof of health insurance and housing arrangements is also mandatory. 

What to do in Colorado when you're not studying

Law students are in for a treat because Colorado provides unmatched experience for the adventurous types. You can start off by exploring the ancient ruins of Mesa Verde. This area is a top archaeological site in the United States and is bound to leave you in awe. Plan a trip down the National Park for more natural phenomena in this state. Colorado was home to dinosaurs several centuries ago. Walk through their footsteps at the Dinosaur Ridge, which has numerous dinosaur bones and footprints. Music lovers will also enjoy attending concerts at the Red Rocks and picnic dinners under the stars are definitely superb bonuses here. The major towns and cities in Colorado also feature a great selection of bars and diners for those who are after some nightlife.

What other US states can you study in?

There are plenty of LLM opportunities for those interested in the living and studying in the United States and we have essential LLM study guides to over 20 US states, including:



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Colorado Law University of Colorado


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