US LLM Application Deadlines for 2020

The application cycle of LLM programs can require considerable time, so it is important to start the process as soon as possible. Many LLM programs have a different submission timeframe than the regular law school deadlines, so it is very important not to assume LLM deadlines are the same as the law schools that house them.

Completing timely US LLM applications is not only important for getting a timely acceptance, it can also affect the classes that are available for enrolment. Some LLM programs that focus their concentrations on foreign-trained students allow LLM candidates to take classes alongside JD (Juris Doctor) candidates. If USA law school deadlines precede LLM deadlines, it becomes vitally important to apply early.

Some universities accept US LLM applications twice a year, usually for spring or autumn (fall) entry. This ensures a shorter wait for those who may become interested in applying mid-decision cycle. Although many programs have rolling admissions, foreign students often have law school deadlines that are much earlier than those for US applicants. Many of the top-ranked traditional law schools offer fixed deadlines, but research-based or online programs are more likely to offer rolling deadlines. Law schools do try to give ample time for visa approvals.

In this article the LLM deadlines for foreign-trained applicants have been specified wherever the information is available. If a listing does not indicate that a program caters to lawyers trained outside the country, USA law school deadlines apply. It is important to contact the admissions office directly to ensure deadlines are the same as those listed on the university website LLM landing page.


US Law School Application Deadlines

Here we tell you the LLM application deadlines for the different US law schools.

University of Alabama

Please contact admissions office, as deadlines are not specified. Concentrations in Taxation and Business Transactions are offered online. The International LLM is a residential program.

American University, Washington College of Law

Fall Semester:
International Students: May 1 Extended to June 1
US Citizen/Permanent Resident Students: July 1
Spring Semester:
International Students: October 1
US Citizen/Permanent Resident Students: November 1
Hybrid LLM Applicants: December 1

Arizona State University

Fall: July 31 (June 1 for students requiring a visa). 
Spring: November 30 (November 1 for students requiring a visa).

Atlanta's John Marshall Law School

American Legal Studies is offered both as a residential program and online. There are no set deadlines for the LLM in American Legal Studies or Employment Law applications. Applications are reviewed and admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis.

Boston University

Rolling admissions. Admissions makes decisions starting in late fall and continuing through spring.

Brooklyn Law School (for foreign-trained lawyers)

Applications accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

University of California, Berkeley

Applications for our LL.M. programs beginning in 2020 are now available:
LLM Traditional & Professional Tracks
LLM Hybrid Option
LLM Thesis Track
Applications for hybrid option are open until November 15, 2019. Applications for our professional, traditional, and thesis tracks are open until December 18, 2019.  

University of California, Los Angeles

The application for admission to the 2020-2021 LLM Program is now available. The application deadline is February 1, 2020.

Case Western University (for foreign graduates)

Rolling admissions policy with students notified as decisions are made.

University of Chicago Law School

Priority application SUBMISSION deadline: December 15. On or before this date candidates should have submitted their Basic Information Form electronically to the Law School and the following items to the LSAC LLMCAS: application for admission, personal statement, and resume. This is not a completion deadline - see February 1 below.   Candidates may apply after December 15. They do not need to ask permission to do this. Candidates who do apply after December 15 should include with their personal statements an explanation about why they did not apply before the deadline.
Priority application COMPLETION deadline: February 1. Applicants who have completed applications (application for admission, personal statement, resume, transcripts, TOEFL/IELTS scores, and letters of recommendation) by February 1 should receive decisions on their applications in the initial group of messages sent out around February 15. Applications completed after February 1 will be fully reviewed once they are complete, but those candidates should understand that, as a practical matter, the later we review a completed application, especially if it is substantially later, the less likely we will be able to offer admission. This timing varies from year to year, and it is impossible to predict ahead of time when we will have to stop offering admission to candidates.

University of Colorado Boulder

Master of Studies in Law (MSL) & LLM applications close May 1, 2020.

Columbia Law School

The 2020-2021 LLM Program application is now open. The application deadline is December 18, 2019. Please note that this is a postmark deadline, meaning that you must submit the online application and have the supporting documents posted by mail to LSAC by December 18.  
Applications for admission to our 2020-2021 LLM program and all supporting documents must be submitted through LSAC. Applicants do not need to wait for LSAC to process supporting documents before submitting their online application.
For additional information on applying through LSAC and other services LSAC offers, please visit LSAC. For all other questions about the application process, students are encouraged to email

Cornell University Law School

Application Deadline: December 15, 2019.

Duke Law School (for foreign law graduates)

Applicants to Duke Law's LLM, SJD and exchange programs may begin submitting applications for the 2020-2021 academic year on September 1, 2019. The application deadline for the LLM program is January 20, 2020.  The application deadline for the SJD program is February 20, 2020.

Emory University

Start in August or in January.
Emory enrolls new LLM students in August and in January. Students typically complete their degree in two semesters. Apply by November 15 to start in January or June 30 to start in August.

Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University

Master of Laws in International Law (LLM)        
Early Notification Round: Application Deadline: November 10 Notification By: January 1    
Scholarship Priority: Application Deadline: January 10 Notification By: April 1
Round 3: Application Deadline: February 20 Notification By: April 1
Round 4: Application Deadline: April 1 Notification By:May 1

Florida Coastal School of Law (designed for foreign lawyers)

Admissions applications for the fall should be submitted by July 15 each year, but applications will be evaluated as soon as a file is complete. As the processing of student visas is often time-consuming, international students are strongly encouraged to submit their application by June 1. 

Florida State University (for foreign-trained lawyers)

Applications accepted beginning October 1, 2019 for fall 2020 entry.

Fordham University School of Law

Fall Admission
Application Period Opens: September 15
Application Deadline: March 1 (currently still accepting late applications for fall 2019)
*Note: The deadline for the Feerick, Treanor, and Martin Scholarships is February 1.  Also, priority consideration for Graduate Student Scholarships is given to those with applications completed by February 1.
Spring Admission
Application Period Opens: June 1
Application Deadline: October 1 
*Note: Priority consideration for partial, Graduate Student Scholarships is given to those with applications completed by September 21.
Rolling Admissions Decisions
We make admissions decisions as we receive applications.  Thus, applicants are encouraged to apply early. 
Late Applications
Accept applications after the application deadline if space is available.  However, applicants considering late submission should be aware of course registration dates, typically in the beginning of June for the fall term and mid-October for the spring term.  After the initial registration date, course selection may be restricted as many classes close quickly due to enrollment limits.  If you are admitted after the registration date, we will do our best to help you register for the courses that interest you, but cannot guarantee course availability.  For exact registration dates, please see the law school academic calendar.
Please also be advised that if you require a visa to study at Fordham, visa processing times are lengthy and are out of our control. Fordham's Office for International Services requires several weeks to issue I-20 documentation.  If you are unable to secure a visa before our start date, you will have to defer to another semester.

George Mason University School of Law

Scalia Law LLM Application Deadlines: 
Fall Application Deadline: International Students: May 1 Home Students: August 1
Spring Application Deadline: International Students: November 1    Home Students: December 1

George Washington University

Applications for the fall and spring semesters are accepted on a rolling basis. For priority review, especially for scholarship consideration, applications for fall admission should be received by March 15, but will continue to be accepted on a space-available basis until June 1. For spring admission, the priority deadline is November 1.

Georgetown University Law School

Early action deadline: November 19, 2019 for fall 2020 entry.
Regular action deadline: February 14, 2020 for fall 2020.

University of Georgia (for foreign-trained lawyers)

LLM application deadlines are as follows:
September 1, 2019 University of Georgia School of Law LL.M. application available at LSAC.
January 15, 2020 Application deadline for priority scholarship consideration. 
May 31, 2020 Final application deadline.

Golden Gate University

Spring 2020: Oct 1, 2019
Summer 2020: Apr 1, 2020
Fall 2020: May 15, 2020

Harvard Law School

The application for the LLM class beginning in August 2020 is now open and accessible at Apply to the Graduate Program.
The application deadline for the LLM class beginning in August 2020 is December 1, 2019, at 11.59pm, U.S. Eastern time.

University of Houston

Application Deadlines
Applicants who have earned their 1st law degree outside of the US can only begin the program in the Fall Semester
Fall Semester  (August 2020)                                   
Applicants with Non-US Law Degree
Priority Decision: April 15    CAS Report:    April 27
Regular Decision: June 1 CAS Report: June 15
Applicants with US Law Degree
Priority Decision: June 1 CAS Report: June 15
Regular Decision: August 1 CAS Report: August 10
 Spring Semester  (January 2020) Applicants with US Law Degree only
Application available: September 1, 2019
Priority Decision: November 15 CAS Report: December 8
Regular Decision: January 2 CAS Report: January 12
Applications are not reviewed until all required information is received. Failure to provide all required information will delay processing of an application.  Applications received after the stated deadlines cannot be assured review.  Fees are subject to change without notice and, upon admissions, additional information and fees may be required.   Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, but not before January 1 for the fall semester (August) or September 1 for the spring (January) admission.

Indiana University, Indianapolis

Rolling admissions, which means there are no deadlines for you to worry about. You can start in either the fall (mid to late-August) or the spring (early January) term. If you are applying late in the process, we will do our best to get your application processed, although if you are coming from outside the US and need a visa, it is critical that you apply in enough time for us to make a decision and still have time to apply for a visa. The turn-around time on a completed application is typically in the range of 3-4 weeks, although that can vary somewhat as many of the faculty on the admissions committee travel frequently around the world.

University of Iowa

Fall semester — May 1
Spring semester — not offered
Summer session — not offered

Loyola University Chicago School of Law

An online option is available to attorneys who have a minimum of three years of legal and/or health care experience. Deadlines vary and are subject to change. Contact admissions for the latest deadlines.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

January 31
The completed application and all supporting materials must reach us between October and the end of January preceding the academic year for which admission is sought. Applications will be reviewed only when they are complete. All applications which are ready for review by the end of January will have equal chances for admission; thereafter, admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis. Applicants will receive notice of decision by late March or early April.

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

To apply for the 2020-21 LLM programs:
Application available October 1, 2019
Final Application Due Date: May 1, 2020

Northeastern University

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. You should receive a decision letter within four weeks of our receipt of your complete* application materials.

Northwestern University Law School

January 15, 2020. Applications for admission are considered only for the current year and for full-time registration. There is no part-time or evening program or mid-year entry.

New York University Law School

Full-time LLM Program
Applicants with Foreign Education Credentials: 
December 20, 2019
Prospective students who received their legal education outside of the United States must apply by December 20 for Fall 2020 entry (August).
Applicants with Domestic Education Credentials
LLM in Legal Theory: February 3, 2020
LLM in Taxation: February 3, 2020 (priority scholarship deadline) April 1, 2020 (final)
All other programs: April 1, 2020
Prospective students who received their legal education in the US or Puerto Rico, and those who completed both a foreign law degree and a US JD, must apply by the above deadlines for Fall 2020 entry. 
Part-time Programs
Spring 2020 Entry: November 1, 2019
Fall 2020 Entry: June 1, 2020
LLM applicants with foreign education credentials must apply for part-time entry in the fall because preliminary required courses are offered in August only. The application for Fall 2020 entry becomes available in January.
Foreign citizens should apply to a part-time program only if they do not require New York University to sponsor a student visa.

The Ohio State University Moritz School of Law

Fall application deadline: April 15
Spring application deadline: October 15

The University of Oklahoma College of Law

The LLM Admissions Committee will carefully examine all parts of the application with plans to announce decisions starting in early March. Late applications will be accepted and admissions may continue until the start of classes. However, international students must file a completed application and all related materials by June 15 to allow sufficient time to secure a student visa.

University of Pennsylvania

November 15: Early Notification
Any LLM or LLCM application completed by November 15 will be accepted, rejected, or deferred for further consideration by February 1. To be complete, Penn Law must have received the application and all supporting materials from LSAC.
December 16: Regular Notification    
LLM and LLCM applications are due by December 16. Applicants will be accepted, rejected or wait-listed by mid-March.
If you miss the deadline, you can request a deadline extension. Late applications require an additional $25 late fee.

Pennsylvania State (for foreign trained lawyers)

Dickinson School of Law
Contact admissions as applications reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Pepperdine University School of Law

Contact admissions, as deadlines are not specified.

St John's University School of Law

For fall entry, submit application before April 1, 2020 to receive priority consideration. Applications received after the April 1 priority date will be considered and decisions rendered on a space-available basis.

University of San Diego

Fall: June 1 
Spring: November 1 

University of Southern California, Gould School of Law

Now accepting applications for the 2020-21 academic year. Students who apply by our priority application deadline of March 1, 2020, will receive priority consideration and will receive a $75 application fee waiver. Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible so that they have the option to apply for USC Housing prior to their priority deadline, and so that, if applicable, they do not experience any significant delay in the processing of their I-20 documentation for their student visas.
All applicants will be automatically considered for a scholarship award and do not need to submit any further documents to request an award. If you are planning to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam after March 1, we highly recommend that you go ahead and submit your application (and any other completed materials) prior to taking the exam and we will accept your test scores after you receive your official results. The Admissions Committee will make a final admissions decision upon receipt of your complete application file.
Please contact the Graduate & International Programs Office by email at if you have any questions about submitting your application. Enrollment is limited to the fall semester, which begins in August.

Stanford University (for foreign-trained lawyers)

If you are applying for admission to Stanford Law’s LLM or SPILS program for Fall 2020, mark these three important dates on your calendar:
August 23, 2019 — the date the application becomes available
November 22, 2019 — the date your application must be received and deemed complete by SLS if you are applying for the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program
December 1, 2019, 11:59 PM PST — the deadline for submitting your application
Explore these key steps in the application process — then get started.  Most decisions will be announced by early April 2020.

Suffolk University

Fall semester applications due May 15.    
Spring semester applications due October 1.    

Syracuse University (for foreign legal professionals)

Please contact admissions office, as deadlines are not specified.

Temple University (for foreign-trained lawyers)

Fall admission: April 15.
Spring admission: May be granted in certain circumstances. Please contact the Graduate and International Programs office for details.
Summer admission: Not available for LLM for Foreign-Trained Lawyer

University of Texas at Austin Law School

LLM applications must be submitted through LSAC.
LLM applications are available starting on September 1 and are due by March 1 for priority consideration.

Tulane University

May 1 of year starting LLM Progarm.

University of Tulsa

Please contact admissions office, as deadlines are not specified.

Vanderbilt University (for foreign-trained lawyers)

Applications for the LLM may be submitted from September 1 through April 30 of year starting LLM Program.

Vermont Law School

March 1, 2020.

University of Virginia

February 1, 2020. Admissions offers made by April 15, 2020. 

Wake Forest University (for foreign-trained lawyers)

Rolling admissions process, meaning applications are reviewed on a continuous basis throughout the admissions season. Candidates should submit their application and supporting materials as soon as possible.
Completed applications are reviewed between September 1 and June 1. We do our very best to provide you with a decision in a reasonable amount of time; however, while some applicants will receive an immediate decision, other applications may be held for further review

Washington University in St Louis

May 15, 2020 for LLM Intellectual Property and Technology Law and LLM US Law for Foreign Lawyers.
July 15, 2020 for LLM Taxation.

University of Washington, Seattle

International applicants must submit a full application no later than February 15 of the year in which they plan to commence study at the University of Washington. As the processing of international applications requires extra time, we appreciate early submission of application materials.
The February 15 deadline is for those students who need to obtain a visa. Applicants who reside in the US or are concurrent JD/LLM students at UW can use the deadlines for US-based applicants.
US-based applicants
Asian & Comparative Law: Fall Entry: May 1        
Global Business Law: Fall Entry: May 1        
General Law: Fall Entry: May 1        
Sustainable International Development: Fall Entry: May 1        
Health Law: Fall Entry: July 1        
Intellectual Property Law & Policy: Fall Entry: July 1        
Taxation: Fall Entry: July 1 Winter Entry: Nov 1 Spring Entry: Feb 1
Applicants for Asian & Comparative Law, Global Business Law, General Law and Sustainable International Development Law must submit a full application no later than May 1 of the year in which they plan to commence study at the UW.
Applicants for Health Law, Intellectual Property Law and Taxation must submit a full application no later than July 1 of the year in which they plan to commence study at the UW.
We recommend US-based applicants submit a full application by February 15 for consideration at the same time as international applicants, so as to maximize their chances of admission. Domestic students may also begin Winter or Spring quarter, but may be limited in their choice of classes, as many prerequisites are only offered during Autumn quarter.

Washington and Lee University School of Law (for foreign-trained lawyers)

March 1, 2020 for fall 2020 entry.

College of William and Mary (for foreign-trained lawyers)

Applications for fall semester admission will be accepted between September 1 and March 1.  Later applications may be accepted, subject to space availability.  Most decisions will be sent by early March. 
Applications for spring admission will be accepted between July 1 and November 15, with later applications accepted based upon space availability.  Decisions will be sent by early December. 

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Spring 2020 Application Deadline October 15, 2019.
Fall 2020 Application Deadline March 15, 2020. 

Yale Law School

Applications are accepted for the 2020–2021 academic year from August 1 to December 1, 2019, at 11.59pm, US Eastern Time. The December 1 deadline should be understood as the date by which all applications to the LLM program should be submitted online through the Electronic Application Service of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). All required supporting documents, such as transcripts, must be received by LSAC by this deadline. Please note that it may take LSAC an additional two-four weeks to process your documents and send them to Yale Law School. Nevertheless, your application will still be considered "on time," as long as you submitted your supporting documents to LSAC by the December 1 deadline.


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