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Romina Cooper Diaz-Ufano, LLM in Environmental Law and Policy, University of Dundee

Romina Cooper Diaz-Ufano has come to the University of Dundee from Peru to study an LLM in Environmental Law and Policy. Romina says of winning a Global LLM Study Bursary from Postgrad Solutions:

"It's been great, it's definitely something I didn't expect but I am thrilled I got it!"

Romina chose the University of Dundee because of its international recognition as a specialised university in natural resources, as well as its highly professional staff. She also chose it because it’s an interdisciplinary centre. She explains, "This makes the way of learning much richer since you have people in different courses that are not all lawyers but engineers, economists, biologists and others."

She is very pleased with her choice of university because it gives her the opportunity to study and work in natural resources. She says, "The whole centre revolves around environment, energy, petroleum and mining, which is wonderful!"

Talking about her first week at the University of Dundee, the 27-year-old student says, "The first week is all about finding your path through the courses, getting into different classes and listening to what the course is about. There are so many amazing courses that one feels overwhelmed since you want to get on ALL of them." She continues, "Of course, meeting new people, especially people who work in the same areas as you, complement the experience."

Romina chose to come to the UK from Lima, Peru, because she wants to develop a better technical English language, which she feels is important to her career as a lawyer. She says, "The best way to get that highly advance level of English is to actually go to an English-speaking country and not only to do a Master taught in English." She adds, "Besides the UK is an amazing country for all its richness in music, art, culture. There is just so much to see."

Before starting her LLM in Environmental Law and Policy at the University of Dundee, Romina spent five years working in environmental law. She is delighted with her choice to enrol on the LLM programme, "Coming to the University of Dundee to study my LLM was by far the right decision!"

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