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Xin Zhao, LLM, Penn State Law

Penn State LawXin Zhao has gone to the United States from China to study an LLM programme at Penn State Law. He chose to study at Penn State because the university itself has top rankings and the law school has an excellent reputation with a top-tier faculty team.

He says of winning the bursary, "It means a lot to me because it reduces my financial burden. It is also a delight and huge honour for me."

Xin chose to do this LLM programme to adapt himself to the US legal system and working environment, and has so far been very impressed with his course and his surroundings. He comments, “The first impressive thing is a perfect orientation. The second is friendliness of the faculty team and professors.”

Despite already having a great career in China, 27-year-old Xin chose to go to the US to study because of the potential opportunities he could realise due to globalisation. He says, “If I stayed in China with my work being an executive director in the law firm, I may never have chance to contact international business clients. That’s why I chose to study abroad and turned to US which is the most developed country in the world. I want to learn the US business law system, and master both sides of the system to handle international corporation cases which I’m attracted to.”

He found out about the Global LLM Study Bursaries after visiting, and says of the wesbite, “I like it very much having heard about it from one of my professors. It has a huge amount of information - this is very good for people who want to find a LLM course to study. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.”

Xin’s final thoughts on winning a Postgrad Solutions Global LLM Study Bursary are, “Winning the bursary makes me believe that giving up my career in China and choosing to study an LLM is the right choice for my life. And also studying an LLM and working in the US will definitely create more opportunities for me. It encourages me to insist on my new career path and be strong and confident no matter what I’m facing forward.”

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