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Maryna Kuzmenko, LLM in International Commercial Law, London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University26-year-old Maryna Kuzmenko has come from the Ukraine to study an LLM in International Commercial Law at London Metropolitan University.

She is delighted to have been awarded a Postgrad Solutions Global LLM Study Bursary, saying,  “I think that any language has words to describe my feelings! However, I think that the words "happiness", "inspiration" and "elation" are the most appropriate for my emotions!"

Maryna continues, “The bursary helps me not only financially, but morally. It influences on my personal ideology. After this winning I see that everyone has to believe in own forces and energy. I feel that if you like what you are doing, you have do it and do your best in this field - it brings success. Furthermore, thanks to the bursary I want to study and to work more! As I see that hard working bring brilliant results.”

She says of the website: “It is interesting because it has lots of information, advice and useful links for students who want to do an LLM. I think that it is a good specialised source for law students from the UK and a good advisory service for international students.”
Maryna choose to study her LLM programme at London Met University because she wanted to study at a modern university with decent student support, sport facilities and good student union activities. As far as the course was concerned she wanted to be able to select various modules from an array of options, plus the study schedule suited her needs perfectly, as many of the modules are run in the evening making it possible for her to take on some relevant practical work or an internship.

Maryna chose to study in the UK because of its excellent reputation for providing quality education. She says, “The Times Higher Education shows that many universities with high ranking are located in the UK. Additionally, the United Kingdom is interesting place because of historical and cultural sightseeing; life here is full of events and possibilities (especially, in London where I live). All of this and other factors helped me to make my choice.”

She says of her first week at London Met, “I am completely happy with my first week at the LMU as I studied more about common law. As well as study I found many interesting places in London. It is so bright and exciting!”

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