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Posted Jan. 17, 2020

6 reasons to study an LLM in American Law

LLM in American LawAn LLM in American Law is an excellent speciality if you are working for, or plan to work for, any organisation that has legal links with the US.

LLM in American Law

In this blog we’re going to take a look at six of the reasons why you should choose to study an LLM in American Law

Study in the US

There are some law schools outside of the US where you can study American Law, including King's College London. However, the ideal place to study American Law is in the US and there are plenty of LLM programs in the US aimed at international students who wish to gain an understanding of US law. Many of the best law schools, such as Harvard Law School, in the US only offer LLM programs to students from outside of the US.

Some states allow LLM students to sit the Bar Exam

As the US is a federal system each state in the US manages the lawyers practising in that state independently. There are a few states that allow international students to sit the Bar Exam after they have completed an LLM in-state. If you wish to practise in the US, then you should check carefully with the law school and the local Bar Association. In the US, law schools have significant links with the local legal community, so it is advisable to pick a law school that is close to where you would like to live.

Improve/prove English skills

An LLM in American Law will be taught in English or will have a significant element of English legal language. If English is not your first language undertaking this postgraduate program will prove to yourself and others that you have the necessary skills to work in American English, especially in a legal context.

Gain internationally recognised qualification

An LLM in American Law is recognised around the world and will provide you with the skills to work in any organisation that has legal links with the US. Many legal systems are based on the American legal system, so some countries will draw from the laws and judicial rulings in the US. All governments around the world will have dealings with the US, so if you want to work as a governmental advisor an LLM in American Law might help.

Make global contacts 

By studying an LLM program with an international base, like American Law, you will meet those working all over the world. Your fellow students will become your colleagues and contacts for the rest of your career and the alumni network will help you when you are starting your career. When you are researching your course remember to reach out to recent alumni to see what they thought of the course.

Great for US legal career 

The legal world in the US is growing and has been growing for some time which has resulted in a growing number of lawyers to work with. This means that an understanding of American Law is helpful for any lawyer working on an international basis as you're bound to work American lawyers in their career at some point. This table illustrates the steady growth of lawyers in the United States.

Reasons to study American Law

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