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Posted July 30, 2018

Best Law Schools In Canada

Best law schools in CanadaCanada is a great place to study an LLM program. In Canada law is studied as a postgraduate subject, and once you've completed your law degree you can go on to further postgraduate study with an LLM program.

LLM in Canada

If you are coming from abroad to study an LLM in Canada, you'll find that your fellow students may well be older than they are in some other countries. There are many reasons to study an LLM in Canada – not least of all the quality of the law schools.

Here we take a look at what comprises a best law school in Canada.

Best Law Schools in Canada

Best law schools in Canada


Larger Institutions 

Canada is a huge country with a relatively sparse population of around 36.9 million people spread across 9.985 million square kilometres. This means that universities in Canada tend to be large institutions spread across the country, concentrating facilities and resources in one place to offer an all-round education to the local population. Many of the law schools in Canada are well respected and usually offer a wide range of specialities or concentrations for their LLM students

International Cities 

The Canadian population is concentrated in the large cities and has an immigrant population of over 20% across the country. This has resulted in a cosmopolitan atmosphere in most cities and towns. This resident immigrant population is reflected in the universities and law schools, and these students bring their unique experiences to the courses they attend. 

Unique Legal System 

Canada has a unique legal set up. Apart from Quebec, all of the Provinces have a Common Law legal system based on historical legal precedencies, like in the UK, Australia, Ireland, South Africa and India. However, Quebec has a Civil Law system based on the legal system of France and in conjunction with the dual official languages of French and English, this can make studying law in Canada especially interesting. 

Attracting Students From All Over The World 

The duality of legal systems, languages and high immigrant population combines to attract students from all over the world to study law in Canada. The Canadian government is keen to encourage more international students to Canada, and there are many attractive visa and funding options available to students wishing to go to Canada. Those students who think they may wish to work in Canada after completing their studies will find attractive residency visa options available to them. 

Range Of Subjects Areas 

The large nature of the institutions in Canada means that there is often a good range of subject areas available for study at each law school. Students can study subjects such as Health Law, Legal Theory, Environmental Law, and Air & Space Law. Some LLM courses offer specific areas of concentrations, like the LLM at McGill University and other law schools offer a general LLM that the student can shape, like the LLM at Dalhousie University

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Osgoode Hall Law School is a top rated Canadian law school that offers an excellent International Business LLM programs >

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