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Tuition Fees In Canada

Tuition Fees in CanadaFor some LLM students, working out which law school, or even which country, you are going to study your LLM in is dependent on tuition fees. In Canada, there are variations in LLM tuition fees between Canadian law schools, plus some institutions offer discounts to local or domestic LLM students – with an increased fee for international students. There are also different costs associated with studying your LLM in Canada depending on whereabouts in the country your law school is based. And bear in mind that Canadian law schools with higher rankings often require higher tution fees.

Here we take a look at what you how much you can expect to pay for your LLM tuition fees in Canada.

Where do you come from?

When it comes to tuition fees in Canada, in general Canadian and Canadian resident students get a discount from most law schools in Canada, with international students usually being charged the full LLM tuition fee. Sometimes – like for LLM tuition fees in America – these fees are discounted even more if you are a local student. For example, McGill University in Quebec charges Canadian students who are also resident in Quebec a discounted rate of $2,254 for the one year LLM course and for Canadians who are not resident in Quebec the tuition fee is $7,630. If you are an international student at McGill then the tuition fees are $16,814. Other law schools give all Canadian students, regardless of their residency, a discounted tuition fee. For example, the University of Manitoba charges all Canadian students $10,600 and for international students the tuition fees are $24,700 for the same LLM course. 

Vast variations

The most prestigious law schools in Canada generally charge higher tuition fees than the law schools that are less favourably ranked. The University of Toronto Faculty of Law is often considered the best law school in Canada and charges $9,830 for the LLM course for domestic students and $36,580 for international students. On the other hand the lesser ranked Peter A Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia charges Canadian students LLM tuition fees of $5,096 for the LLM program and international students are charged $8,952 for the LLM course. 

Tuition fees according to study mode

Some LLM courses in Canada are available as part-time options that charge by the module rather than by the year. This doesn't usually offer any saving, other than being able to both study the course and pay the tuition fees in smaller chunks – which can be helpful especially if cash flow is tricky. The part-time tuition fees usually add up to be the same or ever so slightly higher than the full-time equivalent. Not many law schools in Canada offer online LLM courses, however the Osgoode Hall Law School at York University offers an excellent online LLM course via video conferencing for part-time or full-time students for an additional $300 per year on top of tuition fees. 

Registration costs & other fees 

Before starting your LLM program in Canada there is often an application fee of between $70 and $200 for your LLM application to be processed, although some students can have this application fee waived at certain law schools. All universities in Canada have additional fees that students need to pay along with their tuition fees. Sometimes, these are the same between domestic and international students, and sometimes international students will need to pay other costs like additional non-optional health insurance to the university. At the University of Toronto, additional student fees are $1,520 for domestic students and total $2,132 for international students, whereas the University of Manitoba charges all students $160 for a sports and recreation fee, $345 for health insurance, $265 for a U-pass and $580 for a parking pass. 

LLM tuition fees in Canada

Here is a table showing the average LLM tuition fees for domestic and international students at some of the top law schools in Canada.

Canadian law school tuition fees

*Same fees charged to all LLM students. 

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