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Posted Sept. 20, 2016

LLM Students: Stepping Into Welcome Week

LLM Welcome WeekYou have only just landed in a new city, or even new country, emptied your luggage into compact residential cupboards and set out exploring your new campus! You have also read and re-read emails about your LLM Welcome Week that gives you the opportunity to know all about the LLM course and meet your LLM classmates. So now you are finally living the dream, welcome to all new LLM students!


LLM Welcome Week essentially consists of lots of events, meet and greet opportunities and induction sessions. These events will help you settle into your new student life quickly and put you on the path of starting the new semester.

Welcome Week can be quite exciting and involve fun-filled activities including local city tours, induction trips to featured locations, high-level networking sessions, and to wine and cheese evenings! You are strongly advised not to miss any part of welcome week activities since they form an integral part of your initiation into the LLM student life.


• Go through your Welcome Week timetable carefully and bookmark events that you are interested in attending. This can include signing up for campus tours, library sessions, course induction or networking meet-ups. Welcome week schedules are usually very packed so you will need to give priority to each event that you think you would benefit from.

• Be aware that sessions usually don’t last too long and can be packed with lots of information. Make sure you carry a notebook and pens and add events to your scheduler as you find interesting new things to do.

• You should hopefully be given drinks and nibbles at induction sessions so you needn’t worry too much about carrying food everywhere, however we recommend that you identify nearby cafés and restaurants just in case you have to kill lot of time between sessions.


• Registration and welcome packs: You should have completed your registration before going into the Welcome Week. You will have specific instructions on receiving welcome packs that contain all the vital information on forthcoming events and processes that you would need to follow. Make sure you don’t lose any of this information. It would be a good idea to note down contact details of college reps so you can contact them in case of emergency.

• Welcoming new students: The first week or two of your semester is for welcoming new LLLM students. You will be greeted by supporting staff, academic faculty and alumni from the law school. This will be a great opportunity to put faces to names and know people that you are likely to interact with in the coming semester.

• Module inductions: We strongly advise you to attend as many module induction sessions as you can, although of course only those that are relevant to your course! A wide range of module inductions will take place in the tight span of a fortnight where you will have the opportunity to meet module leaders face-to-face and ask questions. You can also find out about tutor support on courses that you are keen on selecting.

• Optional course support: Some law schools tend to provide small sessions that cover course support programs that are held during the year. This could include optional courses on advancing your legal research skills, enhancing on your English language skills and dissertation sessions.

Networking sessions: A key feature of the LLM Welcome Week is that it gives you the opportunity to attend sessions where you can meet academic faculty and alumni in an informal environment over evening drinks or dinner. This will vary from each law school and while some may hold these sessions in external venues, others prefer to have them on campus.


We hope that you don’t miss a single aspect of your LLM Welcome Week. Do have fun and embrace this opportunity that you have through your LLM program to meeting new people, make new friends, network with new contacts, and gain a great degree!


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