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Posted Nov. 11, 2019

What Can You Do With An LLM In Business Law?

LLM in Business LawMany LLMs in Business Law have an international flavour to them and concentrate on international jurisdictions and legal issues. 

LLM in Business Law

There are lots of chances to study abroad if you want to specialise in Business Law as many international law schools offer LLMs in Business Law in English just like the Sorbonne-Assas International Law School in France. LLM courses in Business Law can have many different emphases, so check that the law school you are applying to is offering the right mix of topics for you. 

If you are interested in studying an LLM in Business law, let’s tale a look at what you can do with the qualification.

Why study an LLM in Business Law?

Do you want to learn how to approach problems faced by businesses with a legal perspective? An LLM in Business Law will give you an understanding of the issues surrounding nationally based and international businesses. The laws and regulations that govern tax, trade, service provision and the manufacturing of goods are complex on a national level. If you add into that international trade, then the laws, regulations and international treaties require expert study. Understanding these and the implications for businesses is a valuable skill that every business working on a regional, national or international level requires advice about at some point. It’s this combination of reasons which will make you a valuable addition to many businesses, organisations and even NGOs. 

What will you learn?

What you will learn on an LLM in Business Law depends on the emphasis of your particular course and the topics you choose while studying your LLM. Some LLM courses in Business Law will cover topics such as Tax Law, International Trade Law, Intellectual Property Law and Contract Law. Others might focus on European Trade Law, Labour Law or Insolvency Law and other LLM courses might offer topics like International Arbitration, International Contract Law and Finance Law. An LLM in Business Law is a comprehensive education in a large field of the law and so attracts students from all sorts of business and legal backgrounds. This means that there is a great deal that you can learn from your fellow students as well and you will find that most law schools offer a wide range of Business Law Modules like Berkeley Law

What other skills will you gain?

Studying an LLM will also provide the student with additional skills. Many law schools offer the chance to gain some practical experience with internships or your course might be offered by a department such as the Centre for Business Law and Practice at the University of Leeds' Law School. Places like this give you the chance to participate in extracurricular activities that will give you more practical experience for when you graduate. You will also learn to network effectively while studying for an LLM. If you are planning on working within the local area of the law school you are attending, then you should spend time cultivating links with local law firms and contacts for when you complete your LLM.

Potential career paths 

* Tax Lawyer
* Commercial or Corporate Lawyer
* Legal Compliance in International Business
* International Trade Law and Regulation Policy Advisor
* PhD and academic work

Law studentNumber of Postgraduate Law Students in the UK

Law students in the UK


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